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Member Registration

The registration information you provide is to help facilitate networking between group members. Your name, current profession, and Fast Track Goal will be displayed on the Group Members page of the website. You current profession should be the line of work you’re in and your fast track goal should be what it is you’re working on or would like to work on that will provide you with passive income so that you can get out of the Rat Race. Some examples for current profession listings are “mortgage broker”, “grant writer”, “teacher”, “retired”, etc. Some examples of Fast Track Goals are “Start a not-for-profit foundation for art education in the innercity”, “Own 10 commercial real estate investment properties”, “Own a Subway sandwhich shop franchise”, etc. The more detailed information you provide about your fast track goal the more effective your networking experience will be in the group.
For example, suppose you wanted to get a grant to start a non-profit-organization. You can visit the members page and see if anyone has that listed as their professsion. If so, you could email them and ask for assistance. This is a powerful tool where you can get help and help others on their way to Financial Freedom.