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Here are our members. People from all walks of life. Our members are our greatest resource. As part of the RichDad NYC Group, we help each other achieve our financial goals. Each registered member’s talents and goals are listed. If you’re name does not appear below, you can register online by clicking here Online Registration. Please feel free to email a member by clicking on his/her name:
MemberTalentsCurrent Fast Track Goal
ANTOINETTE H.adminlooking to find a mentor and learn as much as possible about investing. To meet others/groups with same interest.Own and sale properties, start a franchise. Invest im commerical property.
Aaron A.Consultant To acquire investments that pay ME every month so that I can better enjoy this short time here.
Aaron B.Elecrtian EntrepreneurTo get out of the RAT RACE by any means necessary.TO BE ONNER OR PART ONNER OF A MULITY SUPPER MARKETPLACE
Abrham G.Engineer To become a residential/ commercial real estate investor in several US cities.
Adam Rosenthal .
Adenike A.Molecular Hydration Specialist To bring 3 businesses together under one umbrella.
Aderemi A.StudentMemeber of BIG investment group. vacation properties
Agi L.DesignerInvest in real estate
Akua A.Loan Specialist
Alba Sansanjurjo .
Albert D.BankerGet out of the Rat Race with-in 5 years
Alex O.Restaurant Worker, UberEats Delivery, Student Write and Publish a series of books
Alexander Jabezz .
Alexis S.Clerk To have my own business by the Age of 57, and never to become Homeless that is my worst fear.
Algernon A.ClerkTo acquire my first income property before the end of the year the second by the end of the first quarter of the next year and by the end of May to start a specialized medical transport company.
Alice B.Telecommunication Financial freedom
Alicia S.Investment Analyst / Accountant My goal is to become financially indepenent by owning and running a succesful and profitable cafe / restaurant within the near future.
Alicia T.Associate Producern - Sesame WorkshopBecome financially literate. Own income producing real estate and other assets. Become financially independent and financially free.
Alicia Tilque .
Alison P.Proofreader & Copy Editor, Real Estate InvestorI quit my job by the end of 2008. My passive income from real estate and other investments exceeds my family's expenses, with excess cashflow for fun with family and friends, education, real estate and other investments, travel, a new home. My credit score is above 750. I have 1 MYN+ in business lines of credit. My husband and I manage both residential and commercial real estate.
Allen C.Rideshare driverEarn passive income for investing in startup capital for my film projects and investing in a townhome.
Allen L.Sales AssociateI am committed to do whatever it takes to get out of the rat race and be finanically free. I expect to buy at least one property by the end of this year. YES!!
Allison-Janel A.Legal Consultant My fast track goal is to fix my credit, apply for hard money lending and to obtain my first multiunit property within a year and a half
Althea B.Real EstateTo be financially free from working hard for little or no pay and then having to pay a lot of it back in taxes.To do more investing in positive cash flow real estate.
Alvin C.Real Estate Agent and Mortgage consultantTo create a positive cash flow of $7,000 a month by Feb next year and work from home as a business oach/consultant, which will allow me to spend more time with my family.
Alyssa M.Owner of Pura Veeda Esthetics and Esthetician To once and for all, remove FEAR out of my mind and use the space to create and enjoy more. Also, fix my credit so I can start using O.P.M!!!
Alyssa M.assistant for small business limosine companyTo feel comfortable and positive of all my future decisions. To believe in myself. To believe in my dreams; goals. To stop being so scared of failure.
Amelia L.Stock traderMake a few passive income resources.
Amos (FedEx) .
Ana S.
Andre G.Property Mgr To purchase 5 rental units in 2014.
Andre P.PhotographerInvestor of apartment complexes
Andrea B.Legal Secretary Generate enough passive income so that I can retire from my corporate job in the next two years.
Anna Z.Paralegal Become financially independent, pay off my current debt. Become an astute real estate investor.
Annie C.Systems Engineer Be financially free by having several streams of income...
Anthony D.Engineer + Real Estate investorTo own several NYC/Westchester apartment buidings in the next 10 years.
Anthony L.Supply TechnicianBy the end of 2007 own at least two single residential properties in Philadelphia. A 8unit or above by the end of 2008 producing at least $2000 per month positive cashflow. Grow my Ameriplan netwrok business which I just started in NOvember 2006 to a membership of minimium of 50 by end of 2007 and 250 customers.
Anthony M.Ballroom Dance Instructor To own and operate my own dance studio/company.
Anu M.Cabling Technician (Telecommunications)To create $5,000 in passive income by 2026.
Anya F.Fashion DesignerTo become financially free within 5 years. To have investments in real estate and businesses in 2008. To startn my own business by 2009. To be in contribution to humanity by donating money and my time
Anya Lewis .
April Davis .
April Drummond .
Aquaila B.Tax Preparer/Bookkeeper & Playwright1) To be ABUNDANTLY WEALTHY by way of passive income from real estate investments and royalty income from my stage plays, poetry cd, etc. 2) To build a financially successful independent financial consulting business (bookkeeping, tax prep, financial planning, etc.) 3) To produce my first stage play in New York City; as well as, my independent poetry show.
Ardella McClarity .
Aristedes Duval .
Armanda E.Real Estate/Asset ManagementTo obtain my first successful investment property before 1/1/09.
Armond S.Accountant
Arsene R.Real Estate Wholesale Investing / Forex Asset Manager1). Wholesale 10 residential properties by March 30th 2008 (1 down, 9 to go!)!!!! 2). Increase my portfolio of managed funds to $1mm USD; yielding 9%+/month by June 2008. Have my internet business profiting $15k USD/month by June 2008. +++++++ Capital Equity Partners LLC Arsene Remy (Owner) T.(516) 569-3027 E.
Arthur Pope .
Ashanti T.Project ManagerBuying a condo in Harlem
Aurelien G.Actor Model. Financial freedom, creation of businesses, investments, learn and sharing knowledge.
Ausar M.N A Buy and hold houses
Barbara L.Nutritionist and Holistic Life coach Gain passive income through investing in a 3-4 family property or commercial property generating 80k-100k per month by Sept 2014. Expanding my nutrition business to include health and wellness woman's retreats 1st retreat to be in Oct 2014. Get on the lecture circuit to educate people about nutrition, healthy living and balancing their lives.
Barton L.Small Business ManagerTo become financially free through Real Estate, Stock, and commodities investing. Once I'm on the fast track I would like to focus on my not for profit business that, at the present, is only a concept.
Beatrice H.Realtor in Georgia; Senior Tax Professional for H&R Block To network with real estate investors looking to invest in the state of Georgia.
Ben & Myra S.Operations mgr & HR mgr We plan to own an appartment building(s) & own a strip mall with approximately 5 store fronts and one of the five would be for our health & fitness club. This is our plan to get out of the rat race.
Benji Candelario .
Benjjamin K Z.Personal Talent Manager My fast track goals are: To develop a clear understanding of the main actions I will consistently take to create a successful real estate investment business that generates passive income beyond my dreams.
Benson M.
Bernard Bell .
Bill S.Vice President - Property SharkGrow my business, buy properties, and assist in creating deals and bringing people together.
Bobby E.Real Estate Investor To get myself out of debt through Wholesaling Properties. I enjoy finding a bargain property & assigning that bargain to a bargain hunter for a fee.
Bobby S.CASAC, MSW Obatain several income producing properties within the next few years.
Bonita L.Retired - Former management consultant Invest in 2 personal residences on Long Island and multifamily units
Brad S.Entrepreneur / Marketing (Young Adult, Alternative)Achieve financial freedom in 10 years, via Real Estate Investments and new ventures
Brad Schwartzman .
Bradford service cord. An investor in stocks and real estate.
Brandon D.Juice bar worker Serve others.
Brandon Duckett .
Brian M.Business owner To make cookbooks , to make a new game interprise , to buy develop attractive land for marriages , and to sell toys cheaper for the people who can barely afford them.
Bridget S.R.N. To open up an assisted living facility or an adult day care facility for the elderly. Also to increase my aquisition of single family rental properties which I will use to obtain 2-3 32 unit dwellings.
Brigette U.Full time carer Start a profitable business working from home. This way I can look after my mum and pay my bills.
Brittany R.Model, Social Worker To own 10+ cashflowing investment properties in the southeast by age 30 (currently 23). To complete at least one raw land deal by age 25.
Bustamante; Thelma R. .
CARLA P.SPECIAL CLAIMS REP My goal is to pay off my home mortgage w/n 5 years from 2009, own several commercial properties and be financially free.
CJ J.consultantreal estate investing
Calvin Chun C.Personal line insurance agent To obtain financial freedom in 10 years and provide free financial education to my location community especially focus on young generation.
Calvin W.Customer Service Rep To purchase a Condo on Wall St.and become a Real Estate Investor.
Cameron B.Retired Teacher Use network marketing to generate one million dollars in about twelve months.
Caprice Ladson .
Carey Segall .
Carl B.
Carl P.Sr. PIP ExaminerTo be financially free, to increase my knowledge in real estate and to escape the rat race.
Carlos D.Taxi DriverI want to learn the first steps to investing, first for security then for comfort then to become rich, yes a sofisticated invester.
Carlos L.Engineer Real Estate Investor and start own small business
Carlos R.Loan OfficerMake Money
Carlos S.Program Director Philanthropy
Carlton B.Mortgage ConsutantAquire financial freedom from various investments, and my businesses
Carmelle J.Architect's Consultant (Expediter)Own atlease 5 multiple unit dwellings anywhere in the US Own a fast food franchise Start a complete women's fitness facility with everything from pilates to weight training, from daycare to afterschool programs.
Carmen S.Professional Marketing / NetworkingTo Build a team of Fastrackers who want to make over 100k on a part time basis
Carole R.musician/songwriterPurchase several income producing properties... I'm particularly interested in investigating Tax Liens.
Caroline H.consultantTo get a grant to construct or rehab a building to be used for affordable housing in NY as well as for a senior affordable housing building in NY or NJ.
Castenzio V.
Catherine & Naim .
Catherine S.executive director of nonprofitI want to be out of the rat race in 2 years.
Catrina C.Certified Public AccountantPassive income from Real Estate of $10,000 per month within the next 3 years. Passive income from Internet Business of $10,000 per month within the next 2 years.
CeCeila Falls .
Ceceila Durant .
Ceray L.Sales AssociateFlip Houses and Own a Jewelry Making Business
Chance S.modelTo be actively investing in to properties and in the stock market.
Charlene F.Retired Legal Assistant My chief goal is to promote good health to all, by sharing informaton of a great product, the Acai Berry from Monavie. It has blessed my life and I am excited to share with others. You too, can get on board, accomplish your dreams,get healthy and wealthy.
Charlette D.Accounts Payable RepMy fast track goal is to obtain the knowledge that I need to start my own business. I have many ideas, but I'm not sure which one will give me complete happiness, and financial stability. I would also like to learn how to network so that I can meet the proper people that will help me become a success business owner.
Charlotte R.Investor1) COO of Fortune 50 company 2) invest & open my own retail business
Charlotte Reid .
Chloe S.programmerFinancially independent in 5 years. Start Quizno's or Planet Smoothie franchise in 6 months. Start my own business with my own ideas within 7 years.
Chris P.
Christian V.President of Exuberant InvestmentsMy goal is to own at least 2 businesses by 2010 that provide me 10 000 € monthly cash flow. Moneys that I receive from these companies, I will invest to other companies, stocks, real estate and options. I am from Finland and I am 21 years old. I am looking forward to make new friends. Feel free to call me 570 606 4158 (USA).
Christina B.Student To open and operate the nonprofit organization I am building M.E.G.A (Many Exalting Greater Achievements). The mission is "To Promote empowerment through individual and community strength-based support services." I would also like to offer transitional and permanent housing initiatives to both single adults and families.
Christine H.Real Estate Broker
Christopher L.InvestorTo learn how to play Cashflow. Purchase rental property in New York. Retire by age 30.
Christopher U.Co Founder of National Real Estate Investment SolutionsTo provide 20 investors with quality cash flow investment properties by December 08 and aquire at least 1 30 unit plus aparmtment complex.
Chun K.In transition periodwould like to buy first rental property
Claudia A.Training ManagerTo reach financial freedom by September of 2007 and become a multimillionaire by September of 2011
Claudia A.IT Training ManagerTo be financially free and create billions in residual philanthrophy by 2015
Claudia P.Student/Business/EntreprenuerI want to own 20 commercial properties within the next 3 years as well as build a community recreational center in my neighborhood for youth between 6-18yrs of age.
Clemille A.Administrative Assistant, Hudson Meridian Construction Groupto have more control of my money and investments.
Cliff L.police officer (detective)My goal is to get out of the rat race and be successfully wealthy.
Clive T.Signal Supervisor Match and Replace my current earned income with passive income within the next 12mnths or less--financial freedom
Consuelo P.Stage Manager/Asst. DirectorTo educate myself in the step by step process of investing in Real Estate and all of its factors. I am motivated by the desire to be Financially independent. My passion is to live as freeely as possible enjoying the lifestyle of traveling sharing with family and friends and participating in the hobbies that make me happy.I intend not to continue to work hard to make someone else rich. Most importantly it is vital to share this knowlege with the African American/Hispanic community. Further more to have them realize that thoughts then action can create a new reality.
Corina Q.AccountantTo become a Real Estate Investor (by investing in properties, tax liens and notes)
Corina Quow .
Cornelia J.Mortgage ConsultantPurchase several 50 units or larger income producing properties, and commerical properties. Get out of the "Rat Race". Help people in my community empower themselves financially and enrich their minds thru real estate investing.
Courtney E.Group Home CounselorTo learn how to invest in real estate, to grow my financial wealth, and begin my happy and healthy life.
Courtney E.Specialists in finding discount properties for homebuyers and investors.
Craig Ott .
Cris F.
Cristany R.Sam's Club Customer Service Representative My fast track goal is to own a business office.
D'elle G.Mortgage InvestmentTo be making 10 - 15K / month passive income through real estate investments within the next 1 - 2 years. To purchase a 2 family investment property this year.
D. L.AR Implementation To be financially independent by retirement.
DORIS L.MANAGER, ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE & COLLECTIONSI will be financially independent. I will own mixed-use properties, own a chain of super clubs for the mature crowd, make lucrative investments, and I will pass this knowledge and experience onto my family and friends.
Dana B.unemployed about to start a new job with as job opportunity specialist with NYC I want financial freedom, own my own home and own a business that would allow me time help others.
Daniel C.Young InvestorMy Fast Track Goal would be to be Financially Free Before I turn 21, I want to become a success in my Real Estate Investing Career and my Financial Services Business, My Primary Goal in life when i get out of the Rat Race is To Teach young High School Students how to manage their funds better and to become Rich Through Creative Real Estate Investing.
Daniel H.ParamedicExpand my real estate portfolio
Daniel M.Real Estate Investor/Senior Loan OfficerTo Find financial freedom and to have my money work for me and not the other way around. Also networking to form a group of individuals in which we can get out of the rat race and put many deals together.
Daniel S.Entrepreneur (Company Owner), Marketing ManagerMy goal is to become financially literate, smart enough to be on the fast track. I am interesting in getting into financial freedom. I have already business, so I'd like to make it grow as much as possible by OPM & OPT. Moreover, I want to start investing into Real Estate and in the stock/option, etc. My financial goal is to get out the rat race as soon as possible. I want to received passive income $5000/month before December 2009. Then, until December 2010 I want to receive passive income $10000/month and double it every year. I want to be retired until my age 40, so it will be on August 2018 with passive income at least $1mln/year
Daniel T.
Daniel V.Art director, graphic designer, editorCreate a non-profit production company of educational documentaries about history where students themselves produce and deliver the final product.
Danielle J.
Danielle W.Supervisor Increase awarenes globally of my non protit business called Up Rising Stars Inc and Purchase a more real estate property.
Daphene M.NICU NurseTo become financially free in the next 5 years. I want to be able to buy my freedom of choice. To choose to live my life the way I want to.
Daphne D.Outreach Coordinator for the American Cancer SocietyInvest in residential and commercial real estate in NYC and South Florida Start my own not-for-profit that focuses on economical and educational advancement in the Haitian Community Open a trendy and classy Haitian Restaurant
Darnell C.Research Assistant/Fitness Coach (Pre-medical) Develop a sustainable strategy that tracks me for financial freedom in ~15 years.
Darrell G.Production Accountant-FreelanceMy goal for the next two years to set up enough passive cash flow that will allow me to pursue other creative interests in filmmaking. Ultimately I want a life of financial security, independence and indulgence beyond my wildest dreams.
Darren A.Soccer playerTo earn 10-100k and retir my family and able to start a new era of wealth to my family while able to make my dreams a reality
Dasha M.salesIncrease my return on investments to 20%.
Dave D.Audio Engineerown multifamily rental property
Dave W.Financial Management AssociateTo have monthly income from my Real Estate investments.
David Chung .
Davyd R.Owner at MizMoney Create 7 Streams of Income with $10,000 per month income for each 1) Commercial Property through 2) Personal Loan Business through 3) Day Trading 4) Day Trading Bot at 5) Residential Real Estate Income from Landlording, Flipping and Wholesaling 6) Hard Money Lending through 7) Blogging and strong networking for high ticket items recurring affiliate fees
Dawn D.Administrative Assistant/Coordinator1) To challenge mediocrity, eradicate fear and utilize my creativity to achieve prosperity. 2) To own my residence. 3) To be financially independent through a variety of investment vehicles i.e., stocks, bonds, realestate and businesses.
Deb F.Quality Assurance Specialist Wholesale preforeclosure properties using Creative Financing (e.g. seller financing, assuming mortages and other strategies using other people's money).
Debi G.TeacherI want to be financially educated and meet people of like minds. I have Cashflow 101 and 102. I haven't played the 102 yet. I just signed up for Robert Kyosaki's 3-day academy. I want my money to work for me. I also look forward to chatting and playing with others.
Dee L.customer service Financial Literacy, Financial Independence and Financial Freedom!
Dee R.IT at Columbia University, partner at Jin Ramen West Harlem, Jin Ramen Upper West Side, Flat Top, and Kissaten Jin Looking to earn passive monthly income from real estate properties.
Deirdre artist, Executive Assistant A home of my own, Investment property Miami, Charleston SC, start a healthy food & juice bar fast food franchise in Charleston SC & Miami Fl iPhone smartphone app
Demetrise F.
Denis A.Software EngineerPaper assets, gold/silver, movie production, real estate.
Denise G.Real Estate/Mortgage Broker(One Stop Shop)Have my businessess and financial goals on autopilot to achieve TRUE financial freedom.
Denise O.clerk/model/eventplanner I would like to own a dance studio teaching praise dance and become a writer for plays,and movies
Dennis H.StudentI would like to learn about cashflow. I would like to learn as much as i can so i can turn my life into a success story.
Deon M.Student Purchase real-estate in order to generate a high passive income to supply a future business or Vise Versa.
Derek P.Student To own my first multi-family house
Derwin M.EntrepenuerTo Build a team of Financial freedom achievers and Dream seekers
Derwin S.Package Courier Non-profit foundation for under developed communities nationwide.
Derwin S.Entrepreneur Start a real estate business one property at a time.
Deshawnta H.Artist Hey Duane, I’m a music artist, song writer etc from Atlanta and I know your mother Rose. She is a very sweet woman and she said I remind and look like her son. So we talked a while about god and music and she told me it’d be a great idea to reach out to you because you may be able to give me some great guidance as in what next steps to brake with my gift. She also mentioned some of your successes and how happy she is for you. Thanks for your time and many blessings to you!
Diamond B.Producer Purchase a house in Raleigh, NC .
Diana Pizarro .
Diane K.Apparel designer/business ownerTo own 10 commercial investment properties and to create a licensing business.
Diane Kuczer .
Dion H.Entreprenuer Positively effect at least 2 people's lives this year.
Dionne Small .
Dionne Vassell .
Dmitriy S.Software engineer, farmer, real estate broker and investor, coffee shop owner Become rich, quit my job, help gladiators in Rome recreate gladiator games in Coliseum, own a castle in France, assemble a sailing crew and travel around the world
Donald T.Information Systems, Artificial IntelligenceReal estate investments
Donavon D.Young Investor / Real Estate AgentTo achieve financial freedom. To Build my businesses, and learn as much as I can.
Donna L.Realtor,Credit Restoration Agentpurchase properties
Donna S.Principal Administrator for Facilities ManagementI am a Real Estate Entreprenuer, my intentions for the future are to Flip Houses profitably, acquire investment properties to house Low Income or HIV tenants, as well as purchase a home for myself and family. I am already personally researching this information and plan to attend a Real Estate School within a year. My immediate goal is to get out of the Rat Race by taking care of my finances. I am also seeking information regarding some heir property left to myself and siblings in Virgina. I am the Vice President of my building Tenants Association, a member of a Spiritual Empowerment Sisterhood as well as a group called Gods Sista's. My motto is "YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CREATES YOUR REALITY"!! By Esther Hicks - The Teachings of Abraham
Donyale I.Real Estate Broker I want own 20 multifamily properties and start a not-for-profit.
Dorcas buy my own home and to git out of the rat race.
Doris A.Business StudentOwn my first real estate property by the end of this year 2007.
Dr Mya L Savaant .
Dr. Darcel M Holloway .
Drusilla W.ministerI will become a real estate investor i want to have a never ending large cash flow in the next 2 to 3 years. I want to buy and sell rehabs and build and sell property.
Duane H.Group FacilitatorTo have ALL Fast Track teams be successful !!!
Dwayne H.RealtorLearn the ins and outs of real estate investing
Eboney G.Bus Operator/Small business owner. Im hoping to gain transportation contracts and or start up assistance for my business. Business literature.
Eddie S.Travel Agent and Customer Service Rep at a YMCABesides having a succesful Traveling business, I want be a very successful Real Estate Entrepeneur. If I can get both to work well for me, I can travel for free or for less and I don't have to be a celebrity to get those benefits.
Eddie S.Train Operator
Edel O.Student of the game
Eduardo bankerbecome a business owner
Edward A.Lyft Partner Ouit the 9-5 industry in 3 years through owning 40 multifamily cash flow.
Edwin R.Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur To invest in stocks, real estate, land, tax liens, myself (personally & professionally) and other ways of making money work for me.
Elijah G.Spiderman1To become a great photographer
Ellen C.Financial Administrative AssistantBecome a successful investor and build my successful team.
Ellyn R.Sales Wholesaling, Short Sales, Lease Options
Eric M.Accountant Purchase 2 Commercial Properties by the end of 2020.
Eric R.Chauffeur/ Catering ServerBuy a Home. Start a transportation service
Eric S.Mental health Counselor/ Part-time Real Estate Salesperson My goal is to be a serial entrepreneur, with multiple business involved in real estate, financial education, and consulting.
Eric W.real estate investerto be a success real estate invester
Erik N.Chef Work my food cart simultaneously Building my rental property portfolio while learning more
Erika G.Stay at home mother with a Cleaning Service In the next 3/5 years I will be debt free, with excellent credit to Own and Operate a successful Production/Trucking Company. While I continue managing my son and daughter career. Lastly invest in a few rental properties.
Ernest G.accounting assistant I want to start a daycare center
Erwin T.Med Tech Real Estate Investor, Nonprofit org, Resturant
Esdras O.Pharmacy Tech Real Estate Investor
Essam E.Fire Safety Director/SecurityCashflow 15K by 10/2008
Eun Ju (EJ) K.accountantStart investing in real estate in Queens and eventually expand by investing anywhere in the nation where good opportunities exist.
Everett G.Occupational therapist Buy transition home for the homeless
Ewa K.Executive AssistantTo become financialy independent with help of real estate investments asap.
Exodus business (rentals/vaction rentals to be debt free within two years. Buy real estate expand network marketing start a bar cafe in italy.
Eyana N.Leasing Professional To fire my boss! I was referred by the love Ms. Rose whom I met through my grandmother in law Johnsie Black. I’m excited about learning about financial freedom. Kind regards, Eyana Nichols 470.314.1751
Faith B.Entrepreneur I want to become financially independent by acquiring multiple commercial real estate investment properties. Because my FICO scores are poor and I would like to begin by starting a wholesaling real estate business, paying off my debts, and eventually buying and holding properties. I would also like to purchase land, etc...
Felicia G.Founder and Executive Director -The Power of You Teens Passionate about making the difference in the lives of girls. I'm also very passionate about traveling around the world!
Ferdinand-Davis; Samantha .
Firoza (Rosa) S.Real estate investor /student/real estate agentI want to be financially free. Buy multi family,commercial real estate. my goal is to buy 2 multi family in year 2008.
Foundation A.K.A. trevor W.Bouncer/Security OfficerTo become a successful real estate investor,towards financial freedom for me & my family
Francesca C.Security officer To when I advance to the position of corrections officer to aquire multiple properties
Francis; Sheldon M. .
Frederick Elix B.Real Estate Agent/Investor To continue to buy property and live and learn doing my passion
Gareth T.Pharmacy TechnicianTo obtain a first investment property of 2-3 family size.
Genaro Montanez .
Geoffrey G.ConsultantEstablish and maintain passive income. Retire before 40s.
George L.Call Center Ballot Clerk To become a Real Estate owner and Build safe Senior Citizen living facilities for Seniors who don't use illegal drugs and engage in criminal activity. Because I live where some Seniors still want to engage in bad and illegal activity. I want build my own facility where Seniors are safe from other Senior citizens who indulge and engage in illegal drugs and criminal activity. The management here does nothing about it. It is dangerous for the tenants that don't do it. There could be fights or shoot outs if the drug dealers get angry because somebody owrs them money!! The apartments that I live in are new, not even 5 years old!!! It's not the apartments, it is what is going on here!! I want to live in a safer and drug free environment! That is my goal to build safer and affordable aces for Senior citizens to live!!!
George Williams .
George Y.Mechanical Engineer Own commercial real estate properties
Geraldine H.Bank AdministratorMy Goal is to get out of the rate race within approx 5 years, through the purchase of multi-family and commercial properties.
Gernaro Esposito .
Gijs S.enterpreneur I would like to get in touch with somebdoy of the organisation can you please provide me a phonenumber and name many thanks Gijs Starre from Amsterdam the netherlands
Gladys P.Creative Director-LAUNCH ENT. INCTo be Financially FREE!!
Gladys Pizarro .
Glenroy J.Pain Management Grow my business to Million +, Real Estate - Multi-Family building (4) in 4yrs!
Glenroy J.Real Estate Investor, MLM, Business owner - Lingerie Own 5 commercial real estate investment properties including a hotel in Brooklyn NY.
Greg M.Unemployed To start my company. I already written my business plan. .
Gust P.Legal In 2015, I'd like to purchase my first cash flow positive property and be on my way to my goal of spending life giving back to society!
Gwenveria S.Fashion Designer/Educator/Fouunder of F.A.X.(non-profit) To grow my Non Profit business and prepare for 20yr. annv. with FAX.
Harry H.Freelance Writer/Educator/InvestorMy goal is to own a business, invest in real estate, and become wealthy enough where I don't have to depend on a paycheck for survival.
Helen T.Mortgage Loan ConsultantOwn several commercial properties, including medical facilities, laundromats, parking lots, strip malls and multi-family rental properties.
Henderson J.Real Estate Brokerto be debt free in two years, and to be able to pay for my children's education.Most of all to have cash flow of $10,000 per month
Herbert E.Letter Carrier DriverMy present goal is to start a mentorship program with inter city kids. I presently want to establish an organization whom consistently puts mentor in front of the scholars in a group setting. I have over 100 professional waiting to donate their time just because of the relationship they have with me. From minority title company owner to myself The mailman.
Holly P.Entrepreneur: Owner, LadyPilot Concierge Service/Real Estate AgentTo become financially free through a combination of investment properties, stocks/bonds and businesses.
Holly Pulliam .
Hong Kun P.EntrepreneurBuy real estate expand network marketing start a cafe franchise start e-commerce
Hope R.Administrative Coordinator Building my business, finding contracts and marketing my business
Hoyos; Marcela L. .
Iam .
Ian C.Utility Safety Professional Own real estate
Idowu O.AnalystOwn an additional piece of property for investment purposes by the age of 25
Ingrith G.Real EstateI would like to get more knowledge to make right decisions so I can help people who surround me also to improved my business and the most important one is my own self improvement as a beginner on real estate.
Isis Ausar .
Italo F.Real Estate Investor To obtain a multi unit commercial property with great cashflow.
J Movson .
J R D.CEO, Extendous Media LLC; Entrepreneur; Advertising SalesAcquire 1 2-4 unit investment property w/ BIG by 10/1/06; Acquire my own investment property by 12/31/06; To apprentice with a land developer; To build a Multi Billion Dollar Media Conglomerate, Build a Billion Dollar Real Estate Empire, THIS IS DO OR DIE FOLKS, NO PLAYTIMIN
J.Ced A.Architecture Designer First to own, then to design and develop my own rental properties, to achieve financial+professional independence, in 3 yrs.
J.Javier C.Real Estate Agent/InvestorTo own at least two Real Estate properties and be my own boss. To obtain financial freedom.
JAY j.GOVERMENT To do real estate investing full time
JERMAINE M.Branch Manager of Mortgage Bank, Real Estate AgentMy ultimate goal is to have some type of ownership interest in a major sports team (preferably basketball) My immediate goal is to own and/or develop commercial properties- either triple net lease strip malls, office complexes, or to start off most likely multi unit apartment buildings.
JUAN H.Supervisory Survey Statistician To be financially free and independent by moving from the left side of the quadrant to the right.
Jacoby G.In School I’m in College At Concordia College.... I’m Passionate in Coaching High School Football Coach. I Want A Non Profit Organization To Help young men out that doesn’t have a lot or that doesn’t have a positive role model . I Also Wants To Try Helping People Out with getting houses
Jacqueline M.Account Manager (Digital Marketing) Build my own company which helps people from the inside out.
Jahid S.Realtor/ Nursing Passive income through multi family or other streams of income
Jamal B.Massage Therapist Start a Massage Therapy business
James J.Retired
James J.Retired TeacherMy goals are to become a millionaire earning $100,000 per month as a successful real estate investor. As a teacher, I will teacher others how to become a millionaire. I will expand the RichDadNYC Cash Flow Group to Maryland. I will complete these goals by December 31, 2017 by increasing my monthly passive income by $10,000 per year.
James Peebles .
Jamila S.Opera SingerTo become financially independent so I no longer need to rely on a regular 9-5 day job. To make my money work for me and to be able to utilize this info within the arts community.
Jane Gussin .
Janice Movson .
Jared W.
Jasmine A.Insurance Sales AgentAcquiring multiple multi-family homes across the US and overseas.
Jason B.Sales: Financial ResearchOwn several real estate investment properties. Start a Coin Laundry Business.
Jason I.Real Estate Investor To obtain sustainable financial freedom by the end of 2018 so I can focus my energy on manifesting my creative obsessions.
Jason K.Student Financial freedom by 2016 thru global investing
Jason M.Realtor & Senoir Loan OfficerWith my real estate, mortgage and investment career I will produce $25,000.00 a month of combined income in the next 12 months. I will retire full time work and double my income with investments and property owned in 36 months. I will spend my free time working with inner city kids to show them there is a better way.
Javan J.College StudentBuy my first brownstone home.
Jay Dabhi .
Jeanette H.home owner Better Property management
Jeannette Chaparro .
Jebeze A.Web DeveloperTo own a 6-8 unit property.
Jeff M.real estate investor Obtain set unit of properties for the year.
Jeffrey J.Tax Debt ConsultantI currently own Tracr Consulting, LLC. This corporation performs tax debt consultation work. I would like to assist the members of this organaztion with any related Federal tax issues, such as tax debt, tax lien subordiantions, and tax lien discharges.
Jeffrey Y.young investor/operations specialistto attain properties in 2007
Jeiby V.medical sales Purchase my first mmulti-family property within the next 6 months
Jennifer L.Insurance Agent I would like to have financial freedom with next 12 months.
Jennifer M.Real Estate Agent
Jeremiah M.Criminal justice Nursing My own business Being a detective
Jeremy L.Investor Real estate , franchise, online business etc ...
Jeremy W.Sales Manager / Social Media Marketing & Ad Agency Owner create and implement a system that generates $1,000,000 Gross per Yr/ by August 5th 2021 through the sales and fulfillment of Digital Marketing and Advertising services. With my excess income i will pay my mortgage, then continue to look for real estate deals in the form of wraps, rental properties, and partnering on Flips. I will also continue to master stock market investing and building my assets.
Jermaine A.Transportation
Jermaine B.Production Assistant for a newspaperMy goal is to own/trade stocks, have investment real estate, and have my own computer business.
Jermaine D.Corporate RecruiterFinancial Freedom, I have a good job and I want to quit it. Fast track Goal: for the group to have our first investment property by October 1st.
Jermaine G.Jahdell1!Family Trucking Company
Jerome B.Investor To buy and whole multiply property Have a janatirol cleaning company
Jerome H.Train mechanic To acquire 200 doors within 5 years.
Jessica B.Flight Attendant
Jessica M.Mortgage ProcessorTo purchase a number of income producing properties.
Jim E.Software Developer/ConsultantTo become financially independent, by building passive income from investments in commercial and/or residential real estate.
Jimmy u.Financial Analyst Get out of debt and own a 2 family house in years
Jo G.counselor/consultantStart a non-profit organization to help low-income families, invest in residential and commercial real estate, facilitate workshops about financial independence and being the best you can be, and start my own business
JoAnn C.Travel Agent Own my own business. Travel the world.
Joenika Ponder .
John F.Entrepreneur I will own as many cash flowing properties as I can in 2020. Also Establish and grow my company Bequestate into a six figure business.
John Hill .
John McPheters .
John P.Restaurant ownerIncrease my restaurant to 30 million a year Become a real estate investor Provide for my family
John R.Owner/ Operator Flooring sales and installation company ~ real estateTo become completely self sufficient through succesful business ventures involving real estate, investing and networking. To build a legacy of generational wealth for my bloodline that will last from generation to generation.
Jonas G.Sales Own 10 ATM's And 2 Short Term rental properties
Jonathan A.Real Estate Agent, Physical Therapistpurchase a residential condo unit in nyc every 2-3 years
Jonathan G.studentOwn as much real estate as I can, start my own business (not sure what kind yet).
Jonathan O.
Jonathan S.Filmmaker
Jordan R.Account Services RepresentativeI wish to gain the knowledge needed to obtain financial freedom by any means necessary. within the next twelve months i hope to establish my online business as well as buy my first property generating $200-$400 passive income monthly
Jose C.Operations Manager - Expense ControlTo invest in four 2-4 family residential homes in 2005. Email Address
Jose Caraballo .
Jose R.Ironwork - SalesTo own property and earn a passive income.
Joseph Kerouac .
Joseph K.student I would like to one day have my cash flow exceed my monthly expenses.
Joy C.real estate agent/ freelance writerTo own at least five apartment complexes; I also want to own a couple of franchises and some commercial property, preferably a strip mall.
Joy S.Property Manager/StudentComplete a large commercial or residential development project in Harlem or the South Bronx.
Juan C.Sales Associate To Create A Passive Income
Juan P.Project professional Get a passive income greater than my spends, travel and visit several places all over the world.
Juanita M.Son I want to own property and my own business
Judy S.
Julia Torrence .
June G. I have several idea's that need to be patented, also need to obtain 501c3, and incorporation of another. Need the necessary steps from point (a) - point (B).
Junior Suriel .
Justin S.Sales Trader (Investment Bank)To build an asset base consisting of an E-commerce business and Residential Investment Properties to generate passive income that exceeds expenses.
Kaaryn N.Nonprofit director/AttorneyTo leave my current position by the end of the year and work from home as a business coach/consultant, living on earnings gained from self employment and initial real estate investments.
Kamila S.clerk by day, singer/songwriter by night. Eliminate my bad debt. Secure a minimum passive income of $8000 per month after taxes through an online business (not sure what yet). Pursue my dream of having a touring band. Own a European castle.
Kara L.Analyst Own 10 commercial real estate investment properties.
Kareem Foster .
Karen A S.Real Estate Investor and StudentI would like to continue my journey toward wealth and financial freedom by utilizing the power of multi family commercial property, private lending and more, to get out of the Rat Race.
Karen G.Medical
Karen M.Registered Nurse I want to become a real estate investor.
Karen S.Director - Consulting FirmOut of the rat race in 5 years! I currently own 2.6mil in real estate.
Karen W.
Karla H.Banking Entrepreneurship
Karla S.Karatbars International Affiliate
Katrina C.RNTo own my own home health
Katwy H.Community CoordinatorPurchase of several multi-family money generating properties to spur vision for wealth accumulation for generational stability.
Kayla R.Mental Health Coordinator I would like to obtain multifamily real estate investment properties.
Kayla W.Homemaker
Kazu O.Sound Engineer/Video Editor Get out of the rat race, intelligently manage risks, build a strong long lasting business system.
Keith L.DSNY purchasing 10 doors this year , Financial Freedom, leaving the Rat race, Traveling and seeing the world, Being an example for & Mentoring black & Hispanic youths to be successful entrepreneurs.
Kelli F.Entrepreneuer To produce enough income for my husband and I to sustain ourselves and family, to propel the two other business that my husband and I share; a party/wedding favor company and a Christian publishing house and to become free financially to work in ministry.
Kendekka G.Accounting CoordinatorMy goal is to own a successful retail boutique and run a profitable real estate investment company on the East Coast. I am looking forward to the financial freedom, creative control, and unlimited income growth that these ventures offer and my deadline is the Fall of 2006.
Kendrick J.FinanceTo make a million dollars by 2009.
Kevin B.Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor Looking to invest into passive income, Invest into Franchise Stores.
Kevin Hayes .
Kevin P.Realtor/Mortgage Broker To be financially independent within five years.
Kimberly J.Regulatory MgmtInvestment Property
Kimberly Johnson .
Kimberly P.Admin Assistant To improve my credit score- To increase my finance-
Kimyatta M.Independant CunsultantIs to be financially set with-in a years time. I want to be completly out of debt, I want to be able to pay my bills on time and I want to secure my families future. I have a way to do it all I just need help net working.
Kristine K.Real Estate Investor I am interested in networking with like-minded people and building my power team. My goal is to become financially independent by investing in real estate.
Kwabla B.Entrepreneur, Florida and New York Real Estate Sales, Pre- Paid Legal Associate, Financial Industry SalesJoin an investment group-I joined the Richdadnyc investment group. Increase my knowledge base about the basics of money management and investing. Introduce and expose my family and friends to the concept of financial independence and wealth building for intergenerational wealth accumulation. Increase my net worth by investing in Residential Real Estate. In September of 2004 I purchased 2 quarter acre lots in Ocala Florida. I will leverage my property, decrease my debt and reinvest my proceeds. By December of 2006 I will own 2 properties, a residential and a mixed-used property generating passive income. I will then accumulate 3 properties per year. After my 3rd year I will be an international Real Estate Developer. I will develop a portfolio of Financial Securities starting with relatively low-risk investments such as quality growth stocks or mutual funds and end with investments in high-risk, high-return vehicles such as options, commodities, and precious metals. I will then reinvest my knowledge and wealth into my community by building homes for low and moderate income families. I will develop and facilitate wealth building seminars. I will also become a motivational speaker encouraging wealth building through entrepreneurship.
L. I.Technology Consultant setting the foundation for title(s) to generational Real Property interest
L. S.--To purchase multi-family units for passive income, then using such experience to venture into commercial real estate. Long term strategies include multiple businesses that will go global and public on a stock exchange.
LaChena C.Loan ConsultantTo be financially independent and debt free including mortgages.
Lakisha P.Stay at Home Mom (temp)To open a technolgoy store. To open up a technology training school.
Lancelot C.Mortgage ConsultantPurchase my first piece of investment real estate before the end of the year.
Lashante B.StudentTo become financially independent and to expand my financial intelligences.
Lashawn J.TechnicianTo have a passive income of at least $5000 or more.
Lateef L.Verizon Field Technician To buy a property within 30 days.
Latoya W.
Lauran B.Residential Property Manager and Loan OfficerTo continue to assist families with obtaining home ownership through the Rent to Home program in New Jersey and to expand the program to include the tri-state area. To personally acquire 3 commercial properties over the next two years.
Lauren Britt-Elmore .
Lauren S.Nurse Own first property Solidify one starter business idea
Lavern A.Registered Nurse I would love to move into my own home before Christmas 2014 and learn how to invest in real estate. I want to start my own nursing staff agency. I want to have money in my savings account. I would like to travel all over the world. I would like to send my son to college without having to worry if I can afford it. I want to spend more time with my family and help them live a better quality life.
Lavonne H.Instructor, Photographer, Digital ArtistOwn several properties in the US and then open a bed & breakfast in New York. Once successful, then I would like to branch out into other countries.
Lawrence Z.StudentAchieving financial freedom by the age of 35.
Layle Gregory .
Leeann H.Global Marketing Manager, Global Commercial Real Estate FirmIn the process of starting up a publishing house, which will produce a consumer magazine for urban teens. Currently seeking investors and to grow publishing and magazine staff. Goal is to obtain financing needs (and subsequently quit current job) to devote to operating the publishing business full-time, which will be fully operational by October 2008. Second plan is to purchase a personal home by end of year 2008.
Leigh N.Real Estate SalesFull-time real estate investor with cashflow exceeding expenses within 3 years and continuing to grow exponentially from there. Be able to take care of my mother financially, travel often, work less than 20 hours a week, mentor others and indulge my loved ones. I'll probably also buy expensive clothes and entertain friends at great restaurants!
Leo P.Real Estate Investor Own 1 commercial property with passive cash flow of $10,000 by December 2009. Do at least one wholesale deal each month with at least $5,000 in profit Be an owner or part owner of a Mixed-Martial Arts gym Be an owner or part owner of a night club Start an international wealth school for children
Leola C.
Leonard W.President & CEO of Veteran Housing Solutions Purchase / Rehab Muiltifamily Aparttments to House Homeless Military Vets.
Leroy M.Actor/Producer Be an Ephesians 5 Man of God. - URGENT: Raise $6,000 for a Feature Length Documentary: Dramatic Adventure Theatre Teaching 30 Students Theatre by MARCH 28, 2011 - Feature film: Produce, Star, and secure a distribution deal.
Leslie W.Computer Instructor/TechTo have no less than 10 investment properites witnin the next 6 months.
Lillian B.Unit SecretaryI would like to put my e-mail out, to be contacted for partnership or ways to grow in my business. My Name is Lillian Bannister 347 964 6980 or at work 718 920 9527 my business is personal shopper / state certified provider mother / investor
Lillian B.Unit SecretaryI have future Goals That Will Need the Partnership of a very Tenacious person as myself.. I am seeking a mentor and soon to be partner in the business of getting several projects done, please contact me if you are seeking the same. My Personal Shopping & Investing in the Business is my goal right now.
Lillian B.Unit SecretaryI would like to go check out the proerty in philadelphia, whoever is going please e-mail me, I want to link-up and go. later
Lilly analyst I would like to buy property this year in a college town outside of NY. I also would like to own a laundramat.
Linda M.Founder & CEO for NWALI CORP. No Women Are Least International My family and I want to homes, become a landlord We are hoping to have great credit for personal and Business Miracle breakthrough from student loan and Child-support identity debts free to uplift to stress relief.
Linda P.Care Giver, Pre-school Teacher,Instructer of Mentally Challenged People To assist my son in his investment buisness and hope to meet a partner who can help build the firm
Linda V.Financial Consultant, Software Trainer and ConsultantTo become a Real Estate Mogul and take as many possible with me.
Ling L.StudentMy goal is get out of the rat race and have financial freedom
Lisa B.Home Health Services My fast track goal is to start my own agency for Home Health Aid Services. I've been working in Home Care for four years. I just love being able to help.
Lisa L.Magazine PublisherTo own multiple investment residential and commercial properties throughout the US and Canada.
Lisette M.Designer-Artist"Control 25 residential real estate investment properties."
Liz T.Real Estate InvestorTo continue to live life to the fullest and use every potential to create and build the the world I desire to see.
Loraine R.Opera Singer/co-founder multimedia production companyto invest in real estate and gather passive income that will generate ongoing cashflow to build businesses within the arts and further.
Lorraine M.Train Service SupervisorTo purchase my residential property within the next 6-9 months, also an investment property within the next 18 months using 100% financing, and to purchase one buy-n-hold a year for the next ten years. Another goal is to find my true purpose and pursue it diligently, as well as starting my own business.
Lorraine S.
Lou C.Nuclear Medicine Tech.and Network Marketer I would like to get out of the rat race by having passive income. My fast track goal is to find financing and purchase a multi family unit preferably 6 to 12 units to start. .
Lucinda S.nurse my passion is to care for people and to obtain a bachelors degree in nursing. Be an advocate to teach people about healthy living.
Luther S.Government Affairs Professional1. Buy my first income producing, multiple-dwelling property in the next 3-6 months. 2. Create a positive cashflow of $5,000 by the end of the first quarter of 2008. 3. Pay off my school loans within the next 5 years. 4. Buy my own home by the end of 2008. 5. Be financially independent by my 50th birthday.
Luz Claudio .
Lynette D.Litigation Recovery Specialist To be become financially FREE and lose the headache of a 9-5.
Lyvette B.Social Services Director To create a portfoilo of assests which will enable me to generate monthly caseflow that will greatly out weigh my liabilies.
M Renee C.Graduate Student AdvisorFinancial freedom via Multiple streams of income- multi-unit residents and commerical property. Ultimate goal to travel the world.
M. A. B.Author, Artist, Publisher, Company President YAMOO Publishers is seeking a Capital Investor to grow our business. We have a contract to sell two books to the NYC Dept. of Ed. for grades 6 to 12. "BEFORE THE DIVORCE, READ THIS!" (poems): and "Positive Messages for young men growing up without their fathers". The investor's money would only be used to secure a bank business loan, for an equity share of YAMOO.
Ma-Nyahn K.Freelancer Looking a generate passive income via real estate investments
Mack B.Director of Business DevelopmentCreate something amazing with our family of companies. Create successful synergies between us and other organizations. <a href="" target="_blank">Powerful Impact Media</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Powerful Impact Management</a>
Maisha B.Receptionist
Major W.Information Technology Consultant To gain a government IT contract. Franchise network consultant operations.
Major W.ConsultantProvide a garden for tenants to grow own vegetables.
Malik Buie .
Malik M.Sales associate To build my marketing business.
Mani U.Testtest
Mara M.Carpediem25Start my own business so that I can work from were I want and have time to travel and to the things I love to do.
Marcela H.sales asst. mortgagesTo become financially independent by way of owning my own property and investing in rental property.
Marcelette S.Financial AnalystMy primary object is to own residential property for a short period of 1-3 yrs and then flip after the value of the property has appreciated. Also,I would like to broaden my scope and knowledge of real estate and to be able to utilize the resources that I have available to me.
Marcia A.Accountant My current profession requires me to work nonstop, which has caused me to be in a state of constant mental and physical exhaustion. Looking to learn about passive income options that don’t require me kill myself for them to be successful and allow me to live a healthy life where I have the time and energy to connect with others and do things I enjoy.
Marco S.InvestorEarn 1,200.000.00 al año
Marcua W.Temp Realtor
Marcus R.
Margaret W.Registered NurseAcquire 1-2 properties. Retire from my day job and make money. Acquire a commerical property or multidwelling to open Loc/Spa Salon
Margarita F.Investor Obtain more cash flowing properties and fund a non profit organization to help people who have no access to insurance and suffer from neuromuscular disorders like Parkinson.
Margret S.Secretary and Business StarterMy Fast Track Goal is to erase some liabilities. I have started a business called and I am hoping that this will generate income in the near future. I would also like to get into real estate and purchase some property. I am currently looking for my first home. I would love to learn and understand more about the Rich Dad formula to richness.
Maria Otero .
Marie L.RNTO retire in3-5 years .To acquire multiunit properties that net a positive monthly cash floww of 6k-10k.I have an RN for more than 20years and I am looking at a retirement financial outlook that is pretty grim. insitutions are no longer offering retirement for nurses in management.
Marielouise D.RealtorTo own 5 multi family properties, a laundry mat & a parking lot. I want to be educated in Real Estate investing so that I could pass it on to our young people(teens).
Mario C.Entrepreneur: Mortgages, Credit Repair, Tax Preparation, Accounting &Enough passive income to live comfortably on MY terms.
Marisol Morales .
Marjorie E.Public Health Worker/Student Financial Freedom own some commercial properties
Mark B.Associatebuy 2-3 family owner occupant property where rents from tenants/roomates cover 80-90% of the expenses by 6/1/2008
Marsenna Palero .
Martha R.Real Estate Agent/InvestorTo get out of the rat race or release my 9-5 in 1 year by acquiring 3 investment properties that will generate positive cash flow, to start. Start my own real estate investment company and having a team of knowledgeable people in my corner. Having opportunities of investments in all states by having a network of people available everywhere. Create a non-for-profit organization that will help under-privileged families.
Martine D.Management and Budget Own several properties
Marvin Howell .
Mary C.Civil servant @ MTA NYCTOwn 10+ real estate investment properties. And possibly become a mortgage broker/lender
Matthew Anderson .
Matthew Leaney .
Maurice D.Machinist N/A
Maurice O.EngineerCannabis Dispensary
Maurice P.Truck OwnerTo have my money work for me.
Maxi B.Entrepreneur / Owner / Investor / Professional NetworkerTo help others "Rock" their Bank account and get fast tracked to their financial freedom!
Maya A.Coordinator, Events & Conferences Run my business
Mayra Cortez .
Mba A.Coach
Meachem M.Tax and Financial ServicesTo become financially independance through Real Estate Investment. Assist in servicing the community in personal financial matters.
Meadou Kim .
Meg Bogdan .
Melanie C.Off Air Creative/DesignFinancial Independence; Own my first property by end of 2008, own 2 investment proprties by 2010.
Micehlle Foster .
Michael Burke-Andrade .
Michael R.Recycling Management Own investment properties in NY, Ga, Detroit and NJ. Specializing in flipping, wholesaling and rehabbing properties. Creating my family's wealth through real estate and education.
Michael b.Telecommunications TechnicianTo buy distressed properties; rehabilitate and then resell or rent.
Michele J.Corporate Executive RecruiterI would like to eliminate all of my debt, save a 1 year cash reserve, increase my retirement and childs college education funds. I home to accomplish this through wish new employment, living within my means and sound real estate investments.
Michele L.Self Employed Loan ProcessorI want to live mortgage free in my own primary residence while owning a 4 unit or small mixed use property.
Michele M.ParalegalBuild a successful transportation company that will serve millions
Michelle J.secretary/poet/herbalist/gardenerTo acquire enough income-producing real estate to become independently wealthy (so that I will have the necessary time & resources to devote to my holistic-artistic-philantropic interests).
Michelle M.Administration Get out of Debt Save for Retirement
Michelle V.Major Airline Employee / Realtor Financial Freedom / Own at least 5 investment properties
Miguel J.Real Estate Appraiser/Private InvestorTo build enough of a net worth (5 Mil) in ten years, via my real estate holdings and monthly cash flow, to retire and live comfortably.
Miguel g.Real Estate Development / CPA student My fast track goal is to start A REIT to get out of the rat race and finance worthy godly causes around the world . Frist i would like to put small real estate deals together to raise capital , manily flip and rehab . Second i want to purcahse commerial property that can be improved ( value added stradgey ) to acquire equity and cashflow . Thirdly i would like to aquire undervalued gobal property debt financed by the REIT and return a competive ROI to the retail or stockholders investors .
Mike B.Independent Music Professional,Event Planner,Taste Maker,Dj Become financially independent, pay off my current debt.
Miller C.Paramedic Financial Freedom
Miriam E. P.Mortgage ConsultantTo use my architechural and real estate finance background to purchase investment properties.
Miriam J.Sales SupportI would like to purchase real estate property to rent - this would be my full time job. I would like to quit my job within the next 3 years.
Mirielle A.Registered NurseOpen a living assistant home to house about 4 Senior Citizen.
Miyuki K.Real Estate Agent Achieve financial freedom through real estate investments.
Moises Modesto .
Monday S.MusicianInvest in real estate (at moment have eye on rental units) and eventually own a string of real estate to provide passive income; slightly interested in finding notes to sell to investors.
Monique E.Paramedic
Mussa S.Financial AnalystTo be in the Franchise Business
Mustaqeem A.EntrepreneurTo have enough passive income to allow me to pursue other goal. To recognize solid financial opportunities and be in the position to capitalize on them. To better serve my community bringing about a greater financial I.Q. to those who are often not taught these tools elsewhere. Individually or collectively flipping poroperties, aquiring tax liens or foreclosures and owning mixed use properties are some of the goals for acheiving the above goals.
Myra S.Human Resources Manager My husband and I would like to get out of the rat race and not have to work for corporate ASAP (within the next year to be realalistic). We are highlighly interested in real estate investing and would like to own a strip mall and several apartment complexes. (We already currently own two rental homes) This is just the start of our goals...we want to go as far as we can with endless possibilities.
N. A.Professor I teach in an urban college, and work hard to empower my students to transform their lives. Thus, I must model what I teach. My goals are to become financially independent. I am also involved in the media, am a writer and entrpreneur. I want to be able to invest my energy fully in pursuits that support transformation of our families, society, and the world. As for concretes, I will have three income producing rental properties by the end of 2009!
Nadav A.
Naim Brown .
Nakeiya C.Marine Insurance Claims Assistant To be financially free by the end of 2009! Get my on-line networking site off the ground properly. Be a sponge and soak up as much information possible. Open a community recreational center in Queens, NY.
Nana K.1019Se44#
Nancy Cabellero .
Natalia G.Executive Assistant To become a real estate investor.
Natascha H.Fitness Coach/OTA To get my business making more money, reach a broader base of people. Expand my resource ie build website, blog & create videos
Natasha D.Coordinator To become debt free and have financial freedom through positive cashflows within the next 5 years (2013). To understand my relationship to money, how I can attract it and keep it.
Nelressa M.Copywriter & ConsultantTo find like-minded investors for mentorship, create financial independent wealth through the 'B' and 'I' sectors of the quad, and teach others about financial freedom and self-empowerment.
Nerissa Marbury .
Nicky B.Chef, Culinary Instructor To own a catering location and open a culinary school educating the GED populition with relative job skills in the food industry.
Nicole A.Real Estate ValuationOwn enough multi-family properties to be financially self-sufficient, i.e. no need for a day job.
Nicole V.Real Estate ResearchLearn ways to build wealth and share ideas with other individuals to accomplish that goal. I want to acquire property(ies) for extra income and build a real estate portfolio.
Niki Z.Real Estate Agent, NYC To use what I learn about real estate investment in order to become financially independent. I want my money working for me and not the other way around.
Nina K.Business attorney and entrepreneurTo have abundance and financial prosperity in my life within the next 5 years. I want to become financially literate and learn about different investment vehicles to see which one(s) pique my interest (by September 2007); to start investing; have a family (timing is up to God); and build my businesses so that they can be self-sustaining without my active involvement (by 2010)
Niquia D.Dispatcher Successful real estate investor
Nizer S.Manager Audio Video companyWorking on establishing entertainment financial news & info media service
Nonie M.NurseTo gain knowledge that will ultimstely give me financial freedom
Noreen T.Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor To successfully invest in real estate and gain passive income. Continue to growing personally and professionally. Network and Learn from others.
Norvin B.Real Estate / Master Barber/ Con ed My goal is to build that passive income so I can retire my family. Also helping others to achieve the same goal.
Noyan K.College student/freshmanto learn how to invest and to get my financial freedom as soon as possible...
Nya B.administrator start nonprofit to help cultivate and showcase all creative expression
Olga & John P.Aesthetician & Handyman Get out of rat rase
Omar F.Police officer Earn 1,000,000 per year
Omar M.Actor To become financially literate and independent. i would also like to be in a position to purchase a 30 story building in Manhattan in the next 3 to 5 years.
PAMELA E.Financial Analyst-SecuritiesTo become financially independent and debt free in the next 5 years by generating multiple streams of income. The building of my business is also to be passed down to future generations, by instilling the desire and training for my son to be an employer instead of an employee.
PAULETTE M.PARA-LEGALI wish to open my own at home business and be independently sucure in my retirement .
Pamela F.Legal SecretaryFinancial security and stability. Keep my daughter on track to accomplishing her goal, which is London 2012 Olympics.
Pamela W.Customer Service Agt./Licensed Massage Therapist/Certified Neuromuscular TherapistMy goals for now are: 1)Overcome my fear of taking the necessary steps that will allow me to achieve my goal of financial freedom. 2)Purchase small investment properties as well as my own condo within two years. 3)Move up to investing in small to mid-size apartment buildings.
Pat W.ManagerNone.
Pat W.ManagerCool Site.
Patricia Fleming .
Patricia F.unemployed to gain financial stabilityaer0b1cs
Patricia Singleton .
Patricia W.Retired Looking for help for financial freedom
Patrick A.Procurement Manager ( SNP Specialist ) Eventually get into Music Promotions, part own a World Class Convention Center and be able to organise Charitable Projects. I want to also relocate to West Africa and continue the above.
Patrick A.Real Estate Agent 1st Wholesale Deal
Patrick B.
Patrick C.StudentGenerate cashflow from residential and/or commercial properties. Looking into franchising opportunities(I've worked at a franchised bakery) and businesses (import&export, etc) in emerging markets.
Paul B.Sales associate Financial freedom!
Paul G.VP, SystemServices Create more channels of income.
Paula P.Nurse Owing my first home here.
Pedro R.PublishingMy goal is to become financially independent.
Perez; Miriam E. .
Peter K.Soon to be seriel entrepreneurI end goals and my ultimate goal is to become a real estate developer. To accomplish that I want to work as a real estate agent to learn how to sell and a real estate investor learning how to use debt as money as suggested by Robert Kiyosaki books. Then I am planning to work as a apprentice for free under any real estate developer in NYC to gain business experience. If anyone of you have connection to real estate developer in NYC and he has a proven track record please forward his name and contact information to me please. Thank you!
Peter S.Investor, Student of Acupunture, Massage TherapistAssign as many contracts as possible to raise capital to put down towards ownership of 5 rental properties by the end of this year.
Pharah J.Software Trainer/Filmmaker1)To get out of the Rat race by 2010. 2)To accumulate property (close on one per year) 3)To have my money work for me!!
Phillis R.EducatorTo become financially stable, learn how to continuously generate income, and own a successful business.
Pierce S.Delivery Service Getting my business funded
Pierre P.Radiological Orthopedic Technologist Goal is to own real estate investment properties(Produce fruit and give back).
Princess B.StudentTo become financially free by co-owning and owning properties and evenually a business.
Pura F. Self employed Communications and Real Estate
Quiana B.Student Social entrepreneur - create sustainable beauty products for women of color Investor and Developer - bring 3-D printed homes & biophilic designs to disadvantaged communities, low income and homeless Wholesaler- until I am in a position to own within the next 3 years
Quintanna W.Finance To become Financially Secure by obtain generational wealth and starting my own business
Quintin F.Student/EngineerOwn atleast 20, 20+ commerical units/To be a developer
Quintin F.Electrical Engineer/EntrepreneurI am going to tell you what I like. Fashion, Real Estate and Business. So this is what I'll do own at least 20, 20+ commercial units. Launch my clothing line, and open my franchises. To be a Mr. Buffet.... plain and simple
RHONDA Z.Bathtub Refinisher Buy property
RICARDO P.Graphic Design / Art Direction
Rachel G.payroll coordinatorto become an educated real estate investor
Rachelle W.Associate AccountantMy long term goal is to get out of the rat race and become financially free! My short term goal is to learn how to acquire real estate properties through leveraging. To open my own corporation, and acquire a real estate property by the end of 2008.
Racquel I.Life Coach, Health CoachMy goal is to achieve financial freedom and earn in excess of $50,000 per month from multiple income streams (including network marketing, real estate investing, and investments income.) I want to then use the skills I have learned and empower, inspire and motivate other individuals to do the same by living their dreams enthusiastically!
Rafael S.Handyman Own 20 units by the end 0f 2018.
Ramar M.Supervisor - State Gov. Finanical Freedom and helping others to achieve the same.
Ramon C.Mental Health WorkerOwn real estate investment properties. Own exotic dancer service with the eventual goal of owning an exotic dance club.
Ramona W.Executive Director of NEWDAY Services, Inc.To acquire additional properties for transitional housing for HIV positive ex-offenders returning to the community from incarceration. Our company presently owns one property. I would also like to assist others with starting non-profit corporations, as this is one of my areas of expertise.
Randy W.Entry-level Logitcs Restaurants and Spas
Raquel R.Student
Ray S.unemployedMy goal is to become financially free ASAP
Reginald M.graduate studentTo learn more about tax lien and tax deed sales
Reginald M.Regulatory Analyst Acquire enough cash flowing investment properties to be financially free. Wholesale properties and fix & flip properties.
Renard D.Film And Video Production Create microstock app. And more
Renata S.IT ConsultingTo have a business in property rental/development so I will have a financial freedom by the age of 45.
Rhandy T.ConsultantInvest and partner with other investors to acquire financial freedom and beyond.
Rhandy Taveras .
Ricardo P.Graphic Designer1) Reduce Debt 2) Aquire 3+ Investment properties by April 2006 3) Aquire personal home 4) Be out of Rat Race by 40th B'day 5) Have Financial Abundance that would allow me to get generously to charities
Richard B.Asset Growth Mentor2006 - Retire my Mother and pay her bills. Pay off all debt 2007 - Purchase my first property that will generate enough cash flow to pay for itself and above Increase my income to $100k+ by December 2007. 2008 - Purchase my first dream car Increase my income to $250k+ by Decmber 2008 2009 - Build my father's home in Puerto Rico Increase my income to $500k+ by December 2009 2010 - Purchase second dream car / Purchase another investment property Increase my income to $1 million dollars a year by December 2010.
Richard H.Retired military and teacherStart Purchasing one multifamily property per month by Dec. 2008
Richard Harden .
Richard H.DirectorSix (6) rental properties in one (1) year.
Richard H.Real estate investor To create financial wealth
Richard R.Success Advocate Start my own importing-exporting business.
Rick Y.Radio Host/Boxing Teacher My 10 year fast track plan is continue to improve my broadcast media business by interviewing entrepreneurs,authors & high achiever's and to invest in my 1st property.
Ricky Young .
Rise' .
Rita B.Account Executive, WBLS/WLIB To start my own interior deisgn business. To become financially free by purchasing investment properties.To build relationships with like minded people who are motivated and focused.At this stage in my life...I am a sponge absorbing any and everything that's positive!!!
Robert A.nurse AssistantI will owm 5 income property with positive cash flow in 6 month, but I will need some help.
Robert C.Finance / Digital Marketing Consultant Invest in residential properties to develop a stable passive income.
Robert G.Options TraderTo learn the basic of real estate investing, in order to use it as a tool to acquire assets and generate cash flow.
Robert J.Internet MarketingTo buy a three family house.
Robert P.Legal field and real estate agent 1. To meet other investors and be part of an investor network; 2. To learn all I can about financing, acquiring and marketing properties; and 3. To acquire a multi-family property by the end of 2009.
Robert P.Student Become financially free and write a book with trump and robert
Robert Riello .
Robert and Danielle B.
Robyn M.Loan ConsultantI would like to start my own development company. I would like to purchase my first investment property within 3 months which will eventually be leveraged to purchase and restore my first multi-family building which will lead to larger investments.
Robynne H.Registered NurseOwn 10 investment properties to aide in obtaining cash flow for opening an Social Adult Daycare Program.
Roderick B.Clinical Data Specialist Earn $400,000.00 to buy my coop apartment
Ron W.Beginner investor Passive income, finacial freedom
Ronald W.student buy a big big house and travel everywhere in the world
Ronika F.Mickey!1Amazon DSP & Caregiving
Rose S. & Jerry B.Rose- Writer/Editor/Paralegal, Real Estate Investor. Jerry- Transportation, Real Estate Investor Rose- Successful in wholesaling and lease purchase real estate, residential and commercial. Develop a good, duplicable system/model for operating our business. Completing several 4 and 5 figure deals each month. Jerry- Build an organization that operates Jewish outreach festivals; Become a primary referral source for the needs of real estate investors and related professionals. Both- Learn better organizing skills and outsource time wasters that others can do for us.
Rose S.Retired Banker, Real Estate, Floral Designer, Gift Basket designer, Wedding ( One Stop Shopping Line, Planner, Directress, Decorator church and reception, some floral bouquets, singer )My goal is to secure an attractive building to house these professional services, ( ONE STOP SHOPPING for customers ),and to rent spaces for these gala events as in weddings and social gatherings.
Rose S.Retired Banker, Real Estate, Floral Designer, Gift Basket designer, Weddings, ( One Stop Shopping Line, Planner, Directress, Decorator church and reception, some floral bouquets, singer )My goal is to secure an attractive building to house these professional services, ( ONE STOP SHOPPING for customers ),and to rent spaces for these gala events as in weddings and social gatherings.
Roseph S.Auto Repair Using commercial real estate and business holdings to fund my passion projects in order to be the biggest name in NJ for automotive sales, service, and customization.
Rosie F. E.Flight Attend/Airlines Industry Is to start earning income from Several real estates/land/commercial/residential properties in domestic, international and overseas areas. As well as start a Recreational Center for The Harlem Community
Ruben Z.Sr. Software Engineer Build a strong asset column using real estate.
Runa L.Nurse practitionerwant to do real estate investing
Russ K.Real estate Get back out of rat race after many investment foul ups- than later expand nationally and internationally
S. C.MusicianTo become financially literate, purchase investment properties, create multiple streams of income and GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE!!!
Sam Jones .
Samantha F.Closing CoordinatorI want to develop businesses that cater to unrealized or unnoticed markets. I want to invest my money so that my money works for me and brings me more money. I want to take a cruise or any vacation with my family every 2 weeks. I want to run a fashion and interior design firm as well as a property management firm.....
Samantha H.Packer Have my own business
Samir B.unemployedTo own and manage commercial and residential real estate properties and to raise my credit score
Samuel A.CT Real Estate Agent Become a Real Estate Investor
Samuel Z.Self-Employed (S) To be in the B & I quadrant
Sandra Bilotto .
Sandra B.Legal Secretary/EntrepreneurEnhance my entrepreneur skills by becoming financially literate and independent. Own income producing real estate and other assets.
Sandra M.Fin. Firm - IB Debt free
Sandra R.Assistant director of rehab/real-estate investorTo grow my real estate business and venture into commercial real estate
Sandra Soehngen .
Schella O.Clinical Research AssociateTo retire within the next 4 years. To own and successfully operate residential and commercial real estate.
Scherry F.Service Coordinator To help others. I want to pay off all debts. to be comfortable when I retire.
Schmoll R.Real Estate investor / entrepreneurto keep successfully flipping properties for my steady cashflow and eventually venture off to bigger money making projects, whether it may be franchises, commercial realestate, etc.
Schonda F.Institutional SalestraderTo Be Financially Free!! and work because I choose to and not because I have too!!!
Schonda Fields .
Sean Hailey .
Sean L.Sales ProspectorMaster Cash Flow Quadrant Book through playing Cash Flow, communicating about Cash Flow, and growing Multidimensional intelligences.
Senai G.real estate consultantBuild a real estate empire that will allow me to create life skills schools for all underserved children starting at the age of 5.
Shaka L.Real estate broker Buy and hold
Shakeem S.Flooring specialist Real estate investor Real estate owner
Shanelle J.customer serviceTo be out of the rat race in 5 years
Sharalle H.Assistant Project Manager @ Milrose Consultants Inc. (real estate expediting company)To learn as much as I can about owning property to one day actually having my own! Obtain Financial Freedom! And one day owning recreation centers for inner city youth.
Sharisse L.AuditorTo continue to purchase residential properties so that I can make being a RE investor my full-time job. Learn more about tax liens, foreclosures, and auctions. Learn about commercial properties. Allow my family to live comfortably from my fortunes because they always believed in me. Ultimately, give to the community by opening a community center for kids and adults.
Sharon C.Student Be financially free so that I can pursue my dream of building a retreat center and opening a cafe surrounded by nature to inspire and connect people.
Sharon J.Researcher
Shavonne Clark .
Shawn B.Musician, Project Manager My goals are to start a business that supports people musical, educational and athletic goals. Ultimately, I would like to build an LLC with three umbrella companies with those purposes, so that I can eventually help maximize people's potential. And, I want that to cause me to be able to give and serve more than ever before.
Shawn B.Security/Currency & Equities Trader/Real Estate InvestorBuild my Currency trading account up to $170,000. Place $70,000 into a money market account to cover expenses for one year, and have the existing 100K to trade with for a daily income goal of $1000.00, averaging $4K per week, with in the next 12 months. (8/21/2005) Own 10 to 20 residential income generating properties, two family with finished basement or larger mulit-family in Westchester County (NY) and Florida (Tampa), with a positive cashflow of $500.00 to $1000.00 per month each, within the next 24 month. (8/21/2005) I would like to develop a program teaching finacial literacy to students ages 11 to 13.
Shawn C.President, Extendous Media LLC; Entrepreneur; ManagerMy overall goal is to become an astute real estate investor, owning investment properties, producing significant cash flow. In turn; I would like to take the cash earned in real estate investing to leverage my passion, my company, Extendous Media.
Shawn H.Production AccountingGet out of rat race in 7 years.
Shean R.Technical Account Manager Acquire 50 apartment units in the next two years for passive Cashflow.
Shebah F.cosmetologistStart a non-profit organization for empowerment of inner city communities
Sheila G.Financial services in life insuranceFinancial freedom Yesss
Sheila McRae .
Shekinah G.Leasing Specialist
Shelda E.Marketing - Comedy Central/MTV Networks I will acquire a contract by December 31, 2008 from a motivated seller and assign that contract to a buyer. Concentrating on this goal will help me to experience the process in finding property and closing on a deal which will give me confidence to continue going forward. I will whole selling several acquisitions by 3Q 2009 and I will purchase my first investment property. After several months, I will refinance that property, leveraging it into purchasing a multi-dwelling unit which will give me a significant cash flow of $5,000+ per month
Sherri C.Self -Employed - Event coordiantor/Marketing/PRMy Fast track Goal is to renovate my brownstone and have a 5-star Bed and Breakfast open by Spring 2006. The passive cash flow from this venture will allow me to complete my first novel and get a 3 picture movie deal for 8 figures. I will have multiple properties that are both residential and commercial properties. I will have ventures with non profit and community based organizations that provide services that uplift and teach the community marketable skills for the future generation. I plan on closing my first deal real estate deal( selling a vacant lot in the Bronx) within 40 days. Creating the initial cash flow that I need to start the renovation on the 2nd property.
Sherri Culpper .
Sherry R.podiatrist-foot doctorTo build housing for single women or widows that will assist them financially,emotionally for short periods of time or until they can acheive financial and emotional independence.
Shimica C.Real Estate My goal is to become a POWER HOUSE full service real estate company!
Shirley B. J.S.E.I.T Teacher/Therapist working w/pre schoolersTo own a 3 unit home in Queens, New York.
Shirley K.Legal Dept. Resource specialist To get out of the rat race.
Shishi C.Advertising
Shyla H.Data Quality Analyst My initial goal is to find credit partners with great credit to invest in hard money for me so that I can wholesale 5 investment properties. My long term goal is to own 10 rental properties by the end of 2009 that will create passive income.
Simone B.Retail AllocatorI would like to own rental properties, and open a men's contemporary boutique
Simone H.Nurse Eliminate $150,000 in debt. Create $5,000 in passive cash flow
Solange R.Registered Medical Assistant To become financially stable so I can leave my job and start my own safe haven for children in need. I want to set my boys up for their futures (being college or entrepreneurship) I want to maintain a steady stream of positive income to live my life easy breezy.
Solomon T.Business Development To acquire residential property and complete private Placement(financial tool for businesses to raise capital) for $2,000,000.00 for my startup. There is a home I want to purchase in Westchester from a Billionaire for a little over $2M. The owner and I have laid out an intent to purchase over 6 months. Long term I plan to develop businesses and employ key people who are thoroughly interested in managing the day to day operations of; Real Estate Acquisitions, Business Acquisitions (specializing in consumerables) Motivational Company and Adventure Company
Sonda W.Real Estate Agent Buy investment properties. Use money to help fund non profit and fight human trafficking.
Sonja S.OWNER/CEO To sell it all. Male and Female accessories
Sophia M.Assistant Community Manager own a cupcake bakery shop
Soyini G.Staff Analyst to become debt free by the end of the year and to generate $5,000 thorugh passive income
Stacey A.I am in Television ProductionTo implement my five year plan to secure an independent future through self-employment and sucessfull business deals.
Stanley O.
Stefanie D.Retired To learn how to manage my Real Estate
Stefany B.Luxury & Investment Real Estate AgentTo have investment property world-wide to help fund a non-profit org.
Stephen L.Occupational Therapist DirectorBe able to leave my full time job within 5 years and begin investing in various real estate opportunities. To stop living paycheck to paycheck and become financially free, to be able to balance family life with work
Steve K.Financial Management AssociateTo operate and own multiple real estate investment properties
Steven B.ManagerTo become a successful real estate investor. To create wealth for myself and my family! To increase my net worth, credit score and cash flow through real estate holdings and investment properties.
Styron T.Retired To become successful real estate investor
Sudha G.studentI want to aquire assets in the form of rental properties.I want to venture into options tradings and be very good in it. I want to be able to have a monthly income of $2500-$3000 in passive income in 3-5 years time. .
Surayah D.Booking Agency RepresentativeOwn my first residential investment property in 2005. Ultimately, I would like to generate enough passive income (mostly from real estate) so that I can spend my days teaching others, especially in low income communities, how to break negative generational financial habits and obtain their own financial freedom.
Susan Baughman .
Tahira A.Advertising ExecutiveTo purchase a home within the next 6 months, obtain investment properties that produce enough passive income for me to be able to realize my dreams, set up a business structure to protect my assets, open businesses in Harlem & Brooklyn, and start national & international leadership institutes for men, women & children of color.
Tamika N.Operations Team Lead To buy property for a 2nd source of income
Tanya Blackwood .
Tanya L.Data Center Site Lead To own commercial property real estate and to broaden my horizons in real estate outside of NJ.
Tanya W.LawEnforcementTo leave the ritual workforce, and become financially Independent: via realestate, opening a Business/NON profit of some sought. To become available to utilize my true God given gifts.
Tanya Walker .
Tanza P.Program Manager Investment property Early retirement Financial freedom Travel the world
Tara H.Commercial Real Estate Manager Own enough commercial properties to stop working
Taylor B.Sales Adviser Wealth from beyond the rat race. I want to create a legacy for the family name.. keep with wealth within the family for generations to come!
Taylor; Teresa L. .
Ted Weis .
Temica J.Baker/Entrepreneur I have recently started a cake and cupcake business. I would like to learn how to better market my business and how to make it grow. I also am thinking about becoming an event planner.
Tenika C.Law EnforcementTo get out of the rat race, invest & minimize my liabilities,and mind my own business. Have my money work for me rather than me working for my money.
Terrence C.Software Engineer Develop a system for a cash strategy in real estate, rinse, repeat, then automate the process. This includes wholesaling, short sales, and sandwich lease options.
Terri H.Acquistions and Logistics Trade my 9 to 5
Terry S.Project manager Retirement income Passive income to create generational wealth
Test T.Test SystemTest System
Thargyal K.student investment portfolio of more thn 60 residential properties..and more thn 40 commercial and multyfamily properties....and become a multimillionaire
Thasha M.Telephone TechnicianTo control residential and commerical real estate nationwide and international. To control and operate several businesses such as childcare centers, mgmt cmpy, a franchise etc...
Thasha Miller . .
Theodora G.Customer Service Rep. My goal is to stop working my current job and to do my home based business fulltime distributing the number one nutritional beverage MONA*VIE while inspiring others to stop being bullied by their bosses and take control of their future.
Theresa H.Financial Services & Financial Literacy for Adults and Children Earn passive income of $500,000 a year. Start a Non-profit foundation for financial empowerment in the innner-city. .
Thomas S.Security Guard Make $104.000.00 income per year
Thomasina P.
Tiffany B.Real Estate investorMy real estate company's goals are to: - to own & establish assisted-living facilities in NYC; - own a few commercial real estate buildings (anywhere a good deal can be had) - sell or develop on my company's R-4 zoned property located near Austin, Tx
Tiffany C.Educator My fast track goal is to start a daycare and serve as the owner. I would also like to become an event planner.
Tiffany C.Legal I desire to obtain funding to remodel currently owned condos, and grow as a real estate investor.
Timothy B.Network Operations EngineerTo Invest in Real Estate and produce a positive cashflow on my way to Financial Freedom. To aquire proberty , run it as a single room occupancy , form a partnership with the city and lease it to them for homeless people ,persons with hiv, or assisted living adults. To learn all aspects of working with and managing people. To be my own Boss.
Tina L.Risk Manager - Financial ServicesFind, develop and manage income generating properties.
Tina McRae .
Tiwana J.Emtreprenuer
Tiwana J.Teacher, Entrepreneur, & Real Estate AgentMy short term goal is to buy my first real estate investment property this year. As I develop knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in real estate investment over the years, I will use that knowledge to educate others, start businesses and start a non-profit agency.
Tobias E.Access a ride drive I would to be a real estate lawyer have my own business in real estate take care my kids leave them some financial assistance
Tom L.Military Purchase 1 rental property to convert into a guest house. When the guest house is established I plan to purchase multiple pieces of residential properties. When passive my passive income is greater than my expense I intend to leverage my properties to purchase a piece of land in California to build a strip mall.
Tonia Boyd .
Tony Bright .
Torsha My goal is to own 10 Apartment buildings
Tracy H.Network Operations TechnicianTo be financially free with in the next 5 years. To create a positive cash flow. To acquire investment properties. To start chain of Daycare Centers.
Tracy L.Actor/Banquet Server I want to be financially independent. I will be a millionaire, then multi millionaire and then a billionaire. I will show others how to be financially independent.
Trevon D.Edutainment Consultant Eye am currently recording and filming a Soundtrack and Movie to contribute back, for free, the Hip Hop Culture of New York City the birthplace and Epic Center of it all! Eye promise to pay homage to the True and living breathing entity known as the Hip Hop Culture. - we created something out of nothing! < - the voice and face of all New York City Youth> - Slave and Master of my own destiny - Mr. Trevon Marquise Donovan. thanks in adavance! EYE AM a product of Mrs. Rosemary Weir Chavise and Willamina Billy Donovan's Grandchild! Eye AM Proud of Rich Dad NYC regardless or not Eye fit your criteria! Keep up the Great work!
Tristan S.Customer Service Supervisor To be able to purchase my first investment property, learn and get assistance about lease options, and tax sales/liens, and to own a Tim Hortons Franchise
Troy Ann teacher/entrepreneur/retail sales manager and buyer I aspire to be a real estate investor and form a parent coorporation with several LLC's seperately placed w/parent corp. In addition, I would like to own and rent out several booths to an exclusive and unique grooming salon for men and women. My future salon will provide exceptional services as well as a day spa.
Troy S.Sales Executive Purchase my first investment property this year.
Tylee Butler .
Tyrice C.Software EngineerTo use wealth gained through Real Estate investments to obtain investments of the rich. My ultimate goal is to be a "sophisticated investor" and maintain wealth without the need for a job :).
Tyrone F.Real Estate AgentTo own my own Family Business consisting of 1 or more r.e. agents, mortgage brokers, grant writers and oter financial advisors. I want my biz to branch out from NY-Atlanta-Miami-over seas etc.
Vanessa M.Camera Assistant/Filmmaker Have a second set of income to support my family, travel at least 3 months a year and create a scholarship for under privileged students in the arts.
Vicky Lavergne .
Vicky Pizarro .
Vicky W.
Victor P.Route Sales Representative (Poland Spring)To have a passive cash flow that exceed my expenses by 2010
Vincent Y.Electrical Engineer I want to obtain financial freedom by investing in Real Estate.
Vincent Y.
Virginia D.
Virginia D.Realtor Real Estate Investor
Vito S.Mortgage ConsultantTo achieve financial success.
Vivian Y.Teacher Start real estate
Vlad S.Desktop AnalystMeet other members interested in obtaining residential investment properties, get their advice and share mine.
Wayne H.ButcherTo achieve financial freedom and be able to enjoy life with my family in our own home
Weyenshet S.Hair stylist and a cook I started Non-profit organization in 1996 in California to help children's in Ethiopia from the age of 1-14. Through out the years, I have had hard time raising money to provide the children’s with the sufficient service. Today, I barely manage to provide the quality service I antis bated. I was moved by your organization and I find myself to depend on you for some information and help. I would like to get some instructions on how to raise money or how to organize fundraising to help me raise money, grants, products, and other necessary staff that would help improve my non-profit organization. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time out to help me. May you need further information, please feel free to e-mail me at
Wilky C.
Wilky C.
William Murray .
William S.SalesOwn 10 commercial real estate properties
Yasmine B.TechnologyInvesting
Yemane A.Bank Operations Technology Analyst To own enough real estate where the cash flow from the properties are greater than my expenses.
Yinyin W.graduate student paper asset, real estate, business
Yue X.Actress/Writer/DirectorStart building more in my asset column
Yvette B.Real Estate Investor To obtain additional investments to increase cash flow and reduce debt.
amara h.Assistant have multiply businesses, buying house with acres of land, organic farm, non profit organization for domestic violence survivors and their families. And one of the Hemsley buildings.
amparo madera .
brian banking/ real estate buy 3 - 6 mult family REO's in innner cities in northern new jersey. arrange equity funding for quick purchases .
christina real estate invester/licensed agent10 to 12 investment properties by end of 2008 .
cristina p.graphic designer/filmmakerOwn and Restore 5 Townhouses in New York .
donetta w.Investment but currently laid off I am currently the owner of two properties, and my goal is to obtain many more without any money down. My credit has suffer due to me being laid off. However, I long to be have my own business in realstate. I also attend the MI conference held in Plainsboro NJ where Duane Harden spoke. I am hunger for the opportunity to start my own business in something that I love so passionately. . . .
eleni k.CCU nurseOwn as much real estate as possible. .
eloise j.retired AT&T; Real Investor I desire to buy a condo in Haverford, PA
forman enforcement to be self employed and have government pay for my services via contract/vendor and own several brownstones in nyc. to be a BILLONAIRE MANY TIMES OVER. TO HAVE A MEDIA COMPANY LIKE OPRAH .
fu w.Investor 5 year make 5,000,000.00
gentry m.v.p. Newday womans servicesstart a non for profit of my own and Invest in property and create transitional housing for inmates and hiv/aids patients as well as homeless people and investing in apartment complexes in areas such as philidelphia, virginia, etc.... basically urban areas outside of new york city . .
jacklyn managerTo become financially independant thru real estate investing .
janina s.waitress to become financially free
jeffrey l.Athletic Director To achieve financial freedom . . .
kareem f.utility worker(Con edison)First goal is to acquire a commercial property with enough passive income, so my family and I don't have to relay on a pay check. Second goal is to open a shelter for teenage mothers and to help them over come any obstacles they face.
keith c.sales/dj just finished 5 steps to financial freedom and 1/2 way though rich dad poor dad. i looking to get out of debt and own some real estate in the next few years.
kenny w.
kevin c.sales become a real esate investor
kevin m.Property ManagerTo purchase additional investment properties to house homeless ex-offenders living with AIDS.
kim m.Casemanager/social workerBody products, Herbal soaps, lotions ,exfoliates, shea butters, creams etc.etc
kimberly t.student/ entrepreneur To start a business/ A respite Facility for single parents who have minor children with/out developmental disabilities under the age of eighteen. .
lemar d.Zoneleader Start my business in property management
lois w.retired postal worker want to get involved in real-estate
luis c. .
m c.noneto be finacialy free by 2009 . . .
mark j.outreach specialist start a non-profit .
maurice d.u.s. navyreal estate, stock investments, purchasing alot of business, and most of all passive income. .
michael c.full time investormy fast track goal is to able to help my family and others see that they can be rich thorough real estate
michelle f.
michelle m.tempto learn the N Y area real estate market and to eventually buy some investment properties .
nanda s.RE InvestorBecome Financial free and create my own Charitable Ramainder Trust like Gates Foundation.
natacha u.IT Recruiter Get out of debt and own a 2 family house in years .
oran b.independent personal trainerMY GOAL IS TO BUY INTO A SUBWAY FRANCHISE OR ANOTHER FRANCHISE BY JUNE 2006 WITH A PARTNER AND HAVE STARTED INTO ANOTHER FRANCHISE PURCHASE. Also to start looking into real estate by the end of 2006.
patricia b.adminstrator start a business .
peter k.human resource icon agent Good morning looking for true friends partners to become succesfull in real estate plans ....Contact me directly if You wish in NYC ?Respectfully peter s kramer my present residence suite 333 bowery street nyc 10003 bed number 424
prince y.mta busoperator/ realestate investorI would like to own ten to twenty multiple dwelling properties that generate fifty to one hundred thousand dollars per month passive income. I would also like to generate large sums of income as A note holder, note finder,money broker, realestate developer. .
rick C.Real Estate InvestorTo have $50,000/Mon in passive income by 2012 .
rodney t.acquisitions
roger n.buildingmaintainceto create positive cash flow and money back at closing within 30days also wholesaling and lease options.
roseline c.StudentFinancial freedom, boss free and start my own charity
saherlohim student to become a millionaire
sandra service providerpay off and get of out debts, investment properties, vacation realestates, personal property, etc.
sergio A.
shawn c.real estate agent, real estate investor, loan officer, life insurance agent, local 926 carpenter, contractoram a multi millionaire by year end 2007, through real estate liquid assets totaling a minimum of 2.5mil. 6 multifamily cash flow properties throughout N.Y., GA, NC, NJ .
steve z.real estate agentfirst step:averge 12 properties sold every year;sec:own least 5 residential or commercial properties;third: own develop company to build least one property a year;forth:member of investment group become financial freedom. .
talisha l.
tanya s.core representive for ad company To be financial freedom within five years .
thomas associate buy & manage multiple apartment buildings
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tracie o.retired To become my own stockbroker. Once i master stock I will move into real estate.
william d.occupational therapist financial freedom
william s.warehousing I would like to own my on business in a couple of years,free from being 9 to 5,to obtain wealth and to help others that want to be helped
willie m.licensed real estate salesperson To be financially free so I can donate more to my favorite charities, be my own boss,have multiple properties around the country. . .
yvonne s.Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Writer I am engaged in seeking investor funds (and a group) for the creation and building of a cooperatively owned, state of the art Holistic Treatment and Education Center with an urban farm component, residential and retail. Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare.
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