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    Fast Track

    CashFlow Day is Great !!! It’s an opportunity for you to come together and learn from our Seminar Series Speakers, each other, and most importantly from yourself. It’s a day that gets you inspired to go out there and conquer the world. To put into practice what you’ve learned from the CashFlow game. However, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed. The current Rat Race in life puts your dreams on hold and you feel like there’s just too much you have to do on your own to get on the Fast Track.

    What is a Fast Track Team?

    Kiyosaki emphasis the “team” concept in his teachings. Using other people’s time (OPT) and other peoples expertise (OPE) are essential tools in reaching financial freedom. For example, suppose you are a Real Estate Investor. Your team of advisors may consist of a real estate agent, mortgage broker, attorney, property manager, accountant, tax stategist, etc. These are the people who advise you on your ultimate decisions that drive your deals and hedge you one step closer to financial freedom.
    However, your Fast Track Team won’t be made up of advisors but rather members from the RichDad group. Your teams mission will be to create and implement a project that puts you one step closer in achieveing financial freedom. You attend our monthly meetings and learn so many different concepts and techniques in real estate investing, paper assets, and businesses. You get respired from the previous months meeting but now as being part of this Team you’ll have a support network that helps get you through the current daily gind that you have working in the Rat Race.
    The teams will be formed in small groups up to 10 members. Based on the information provided in your Fast Track Profile you’ll be matched up with people who have a smiliar passion (goal) as you do. During your initial meetings, you’ll form a group project and a team leader will be selected. You’ll physically meet at most twice a month but will have use of message boards and internet chat to work with other members in your group. Everyone will work towards one common goal to see your proejct come to life. Now, that you’ve been part of a Fast Track Team and experienced how powerful success can be you’ll be able to translate what you’ve learned during your project into a real life project for yourself.
    For example, suppose there’s a group of members that are interested in learning how to start and opearte a not-for-profit organization. These members would be grouped together and come up with a not-for-profit company concept that they could start. This isn’t merely a textbook excersie but rather a real life experience. The team will actually go through the necessary starts from filing legal documents, to obtaining government and private sector funding, to everything that they have laid out in their business plan that they think they’ll need to do to make their new company a success. Now, each one of those members have been part of a creation of a not-for-profit and can now go out and start a not-for-profit specific to his/her Fast Track Goal.

    How do I become a Team Player?

    It’s really simple. You must first make a choice for you in your life that you want Financial Freedom. To have your money work for you instead of you working for it. Once you’ve made that choice and commitment to yourself, you follow these steps to complete your Fast Track Profile:

    Sign your Creed

    The 1st step towards financial freedom is deciding that you want it. Please download, print, and sign your Creed.

    Complete Member Registration

    As part of your team registration, you will provide as part of your profile what is your "passion" in life. It is often the things we do in life because we enjoy doing them rather than we have to do them that are the most rewarding. Your member registration can be sumitted Online

    Professional Resume

    Your resume highlights your experiences, skills, and talents that you will bring to your team. You'll probably have to provide one for your group's business plan. A quick search in your favorite search engine for "professional resume example" can be a great starting point to help you create your resume. You'll discover sites like

    Prepare Investor Resume

    Your investor resume is just a brief description of any investing you've done int he past from real estate, to the market, and owning a business. These experiences will be key to your team in terms of you sharing those experiences and building on them in your team. No particular format but just simply write a brief description.

    Financial Statements

    Your Financial Statements are so important just like they are when you play CashFlow. It is vital to know where you are financially so that you can set a measurable goal in improving your financial picture. Complete the EXCEL Speadsheets.

    Obtain a copy of your Credit Report

    This is the perfect time to start working on resolving any credit situations you might have now. Your goal is to get your middle credit score above 680. There are some FREE credit report sites on the web like Annual Credit Report but ensure you get a 3-in-1 tri merge report that provides account information from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. The free site doesn't give you your scores but just the report. I recommend getting your trimerge report from Make sure you print what your score is as well as the accounts reporting information on your report.

    When do I start?

    After you’re registered, you may submit items 1 – 5 via email to, fax to 212 360 4072, or mail. After your profile has been reviewed, you’ll be notified of which team you will be a member of. Please bring all items with you during your initial meeting. You will have a confidential meeting with only the group’s facilitator in which your financial statements and credit report will be reviewed and suggestions made and how you can move forward in achieving your Fast Track Goal.