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    A group of professionals who embrace the philosophy of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. Our goal is to educate ourselves and our community in financial literacy. It is through such education that we can achieve Financial Freedom. All who have read the book are welcome to attend our monthly meetings. It’s FREE. All that we ask is whatever you learn you share and try to help someone else achieve financial freedom.
    Don’t worry … we’ve heard it all before:
    Our Facilitator
    Duane Harden, a native of Savannah, GA, graduated from Boston University with a BS in Computer Engineering. He later went on to get his MS degree in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.
    Realizing that he wanted to expand his income as a Engineer at UPS, he began his real estate investing career in 2001. He quickly learned several techniques and acquired single family investment properties. He mastered the process of buying and financing distressed real estate including HUD, VA, bank, and tax lien foreclosures.
    However, as his portfolio grew he found it became more difficult to obtain the financing he desired. He then decided to seek a short-term employment position in a mortgage company so he can learn the insider secrets of creative financing. Thus, in 2003 he was hired as a Loan Consultant with Washington Mutual. While working in the mortgage industry, he quickly learned how to structure deals that Underwriters couldn’t refuse to approve.
    As part of his love for real estate and the satisfaction of assisting First Time Homebuyers achieve the American dream of home ownership, he found a more philanthropic calling. He began this business networking group based on the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. The group has grown from its initial three (3) members in 2003 to now over 600 members. He leads the group in a once a month meeting teaching concepts to achieve financial freedom through real estate investments, businesses, and paper assets.
    Today, his current portfolio consist of residential and commercial real estate investment property, a restaurant, a music company, and a publishing company. His new book “5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom: Do What You Love & Get Rich Doing It” will be published June 2012.