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* 2007 *
OctoberBrad CozzaCreating Investment Opportunities239.278.0028BradC7Fla@aol.comHTTP://
SeptemberDuane HardenPreparing to Make Millions on Foreclosures: Part 2richdadnyc@yahoo.com
AugustDuane HardenPreparing to Make Millions on Foreclosures: Part 1richdadnyc@yahoo.com
JuneCorina QuowFinancial
MayRobert NunezReal Estate Development in PhiladelphiaRobertn@tmail.com
AprilLauran BoutonRent to
MarchMack Burnett, IIIStarting A Business With What You Have Already

* 2006 *
OctoberKevin DrakefordAdvanced Investing & Pooling Resources(212)
SeptemberAttorney VanelIntellectual Property(212)
JulyRyan Mack7 Steps to Financial Freedom
JuneMario CostanzCredit Repair(718)931-7236costanz@gmail.com
MayAl D'AngeloMelaleuca
AprilCredit Repair
MarchDuane HardenPart I: FARM
FebruaryMark SheltonPre-Paid Legal(877)
FebruaryLayle GregoryAdisez Philosophy & Prepaid Legal
JanuaryCesar RodriguezLegal Advisor

* 2005 *
SeptemberJames PeeblesConstruction Consultant(212)
JuneRubin FerzigerReal Estate Law(212)490-8585
JuneDavid MartinezDriven Commerical RE
FebruaryKabral SharpeSelf-development Life Coach
JanuaryNancy CaballeroCreating a

* 2004 *
DecemberMaria OteroWomen Venture Fund
NovemberJames PeeblesConstruction Consultant(212)
JuneAdrian CheekSale-Lease Back(212)
MarchIllan CohenMortgage Back Securities(212)
FebruarySam GurvitchFinancial Planner(212)

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