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November 17th Meeting

We receive emails of questions that group members want answered before each monthly meeting, however, if you email a question please arrive at the beginning of our meeting so we have enough time to make sure your question gets answered.

We've changed our email to So that you get the greatest benefit out of our next upcoming meeting, please email your questions beforehand that you want answers to during our Group Discussion. Get them to us by next Friday, November 16th:

Past Homework Assignments

March - What is your Financial Freedom Goal?  You must first create passive income that exceeds your need money (Get Out of the Rat Race) goal before achieving your want money (Fast Track Dream) goal. You determine your need money by simply calculating your current monthly living expenses budget. You can use this Kiplinger Online Spreadsheet as a template to assist you.

February - What do you FEAR the most as you pursue your 2018 Financial Freedom Goal?   Write down 5 positive ways in which you can get related to that fear.

January - Are you playing the FREE online version of the Cashflow Game enough? Playing this game at least a few times a week will have a positive impact on how you approach your investing strategies this year. You can play alone or join other games in progress.

Please note the meeting time & location:

Meeting Location:
Our General Meeting is Saturday, November 17th. Here's the address:

       NY Public Library (Countee Cullen Branch)
       1pm - 4pm
       104 West 136th (at Lenox Ave)
       New York, NY 10027
       Trains 2 or 3 train to 135th St & Lenox

Don't forget to LIKE us: Frequent updates on useful information to help you improve your cash flow will be posted. We encourage you to post information on our Wall as well to share with members.

Cash Flow Game
Have you played the online version yet?

Game hosted by a Group. RSVP Now for next upcoming game: Come Network & Play the Cash Flow 101 Board Game!!

Seminar Series
We’ve received request from members so far to have a presentation on financial markets be presented. Please email your request for speaker presentations.

Are you doing your part as a Member?
It's FREE to be a member of our group and all that we ask is that whatever you learn you share with someone else. Part of that sharing is letting us all know your success stories BIG and SMALL. We've had a ton of success stories that members who aren't to shy to talk in meetings have told us about. It's so inspiring to hear about all the great deals you guys are doing out there especially in this tough economic time.

So if you have a story to share to help someone else, please go to our new Sharing Spot and blog your success. Start with old deals that you haven't posted and make new entries up to today of what you've accomplished. Even deals that didn't go the way you planned, something positive came out of it because you learned a lot from the experience ... tell us about it !!!

If you have an idea for a Seminar Series Speaker, please email

Please remember to only send emails to if you have questions, comments, concerns, or need advice. Advice will only be given to those members who actively attend the general meetings or cashflow nights. If you need to request a personal meeting or Fast Track Evaluation, please email us to schedule an appointment. Appointments are only held on Thursday evenings and after our meetings. This helps in managing the request as we have a large number of members registered in our database

Next Month's Meeting
I'll send out our meeting announcement with details.

See you soon... Duane
Group Facilitator
RichDadNYC Cashflow

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