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Relocating, buying a holiday home or looking for a property investment in <= st1:State w:st=3D"on">Hawaii?


We are pleased to offer Kamaole Plantation, a 5 acre, 176-unit luxury condominium complex, located on t= he island of Maui, in the heart of South Kihei. We have the necessary zoning in place, a water meter on the property, permits processing, and views of the ocean. The land is 800 ft. from the oc= ean.

Initially, we are putting together a small g= roup of investors who will assist Nokaoi Development= . LLC in purchasing the property.  Your security is= that you will be registered on the title of the property.  We have bro= ken the property into 176 shares (or interests) and are selling these shares for $100,000 USD apiece.  We are raising $17,600,000. <= /span>

As the property becomes ready for sales of condominiums, our investors are going to have First Right of Refusal to buy= a unit in the complex.  The investment itself will give back your origin= al $100,000 (or $17,600,000) investment PLUS the first $17,600,000 profit= the project makes. In other words, you will earn a 100% return on your dollars invested.  Our company will keep any amount over and above this amount.  Our investors will have the ability to double their money and walk away, or use the $200,000 towards the purchase of one of the condominiums. 

We are currently having drawings being done = by an architect - the features will be a 1000 square foot, 2-bedroom, lock-off units, short-stay availability, 3-four story buildings, commu= nity BBQ pits, swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, etc.   Our website is fairly new with additional information being added on a daily basis.  = You can take a look at www.nokaoidev.co= m

We expect the presale of the units will comm= ence in approximately a year with project completion in 2 to 21/2 years. = We are calculating= the units to sell at $600 per sq. ft., yet this may change in 2 years and go up= to $700 a sq. ft. or more.  We will sell them at fair market value either way. Our investors are secured because they get the first profits from the sales of the units with the developers waiting for their share last. We do = not have to sell many units to give our investors their original investment plus 100% return. 

Please call me and I’ll be available to you to answer any questions to help in your decision. This is a limi= ted opportunity and I hope to get you in our elite group of investors and be a = part of a multi-million dollar development project on Mau= i. We’ve got a great thing here, so time is of essence as shares are sel= ling quickly. I look forward to talking with you soon.


Jennifer Van Laanen –Marketing
Nokaoi Development,LLC