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Do more with less. Doesn't that sound like something an advertiser might push? Such a bold statement would probably be accompanied by bright, primary colors, maybe some flashing lights and a lot of pretty copy that sounds good but just doesn't quite deliver when you break it down an analyze what's really being said.

Well, that's not the case here. This is one statement that I proudly stand behind. Why? Because I'm talking about leverage, and how you can use the principles of leverage to grow your wealth and create the financial future you want.

From an engineering point of view, leverage is what allows us to use levers and pulleys to lift and move objects that are much too heavy for us to lift on our own. From a financial perspective, leverage allows us to use a small amount of money to make a much larger amount of money.

Understanding how to leverage money is one step, but there are two other ways to use leverage that can be just as valuable.

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