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The question on everyone's lips today is, "Is there a real estate bubble?" or "Is it about to collapse?"

It's interesting to draw a parallel between the real estate market and the stock market of mid to late 90s. At that time, stocks were hotter than ever - especially in the computer and technology sectors. The media was filled with stories of people who had gotten extremely wealthy playing the market. People were investing millions into mutual funds and aggressive stock purchase plans, and large companies such as Enron were convincing their employees that they should invest all of their pension savings into company stock.

When I contrast those events against the current real estate market, I begin to see some similarities. Real estate is rising at a record pace across the U.S., and especially in states like Arizona, California, Nevada and New York. People are pouring money into real estate and are leveraging their investments to the maximum. But, if it goes down, a lot of people are going down too.

There are two powerful ways to protect against a sudden decline in real estate value: (1) make smart real estate investments and (2) leverage against the decline with other investments such as a business. That's the message of the Jump Start method of building wealth in the best tax-advantaged ways you can.

In this week's What's Hot, we are exploring Jump Start principles in action. Go to http://www.TaxLoopholes.com to learn more about these important topics.

                     Find out what Jump Start principle several large companies are putting into action.

                     Is your business investing in real estate? Concerned about real estate devaluation? We'll show you one method you can use to protect your business and real estate investments.

                     Are your financial baskets in order? Read about the real estate investor financing strategy you must have in place to protect yourself from a financial disaster.



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