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In December of 2003 David, Peter and I started something that we had no idea would evolve into the single greatest wealth creation event any of us had ever been a part of. And this is saying a lot considering that collectively the three of us have taught more than 250,000 people how to create wealth fast.

So what was that first event? Quite simply it was the Maui Mastermind 2003. In fact, in a very tangible way I now measure my life, as do all the participants I've asked about it, as "before Maui" and "after Maui".

As this exclusive, one-of-a-kind event got even better in 2004, which might explain why over 80% of the 2004 graduates signed up again for Maui 2005 (which is why there are so few spots available for the event, but more on this later...)

In the next 10 pages of this Special Report I'll do my very best to condense the secrets of Maui down into an immediately applicable, straight-from-the-hip, summary of the seven most important lessons from Maui . These seven "secrets" are the very same ones that have so dramatically impacted my life, along with the lives of all the other Maui Masterminders.

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