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The IRS just released a new set= of guidelines for tax professionals - those of us who research, recommend and implement tax-saving strategies for our clients. There are a lot of chang= es, and it's been a hefty read! And, while some of the changes are tough, and= the penalties for bad advice have been significantly increased, I think that'= s a good thing. That's because each week I hear from people who have been giv= en some bad advice that has cost them - in some cases significantly!<= span style=3D'font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Arial;color:#333333'>

There is so much bad advice floating around over the Internet, at the water cooler and at backyard barbeques across the country that it's hard sometimes to know who or what= to believe. But that's where your ability to ask the right questions, and so= rt the good advisors from the wanna= -be advisors helps. However, in order to do that, you need to know what the questions are, first.

Not too long ago I offered you a free advisor checklist that you can use to help sort out potential adviso= rs to build the strongest team possible. And, because having that team in pl= ace is so fundamental, I am offering it to you again.

If you’d like a complete = list of the questions I think you should ask EVERY SINGLE PERSON you add to yo= ur team as an advisor, please contact us at 1-888-592-4769 or email at https://www.dkacpa.com/= contact.asp and ask for the DKA Advisor Checklist. You will also be able to have a fr= ee consultation with one of our client support experts who can review your current financial situation and find a way that we can help you achieve w= hat you want. This initial consultation is not with a CPA, instead we want to first spend that time getting to understand your goals and where you are first. The first consultation is always free. To get your own review, con= tact us at 1-888-592-4769 or email us at https://www.dkacpa.com/= contact.asp

Here's what's going on in this week's What's Hot:

• Who are you getting your advice from? Go to http://www.TaxLoopholes= .com to learn why you need to stick to the experts= .

• 4 hot S and C Corporati= on Tax Tips. The IRS is paying special attention to C and S Corporations rig= ht now. Learn what they're looking for, at http://www.TaxLoopholes.com.

• New energy-saving incentives are coming! There's some pending legislation afoot that could double your savings, first in reduced energy bills, and second in tax cre= dits and other incentives. Come to http://www.TaxLoopholes.com to learn more.

At TaxLoop= holes, we research tax strategies that are legal, moral, ethical and effective! Visit our site to learn more about how to apply the latest in tax-saving strategies to your business!


Diane Kennedy

P.S. Want more strategies to pay less tax? Check out the revised Loopholes of the Rich.



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