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I'm hot! It's been a long, torr= id summer so far here in Phoeni= x, with no end in sight. My son, David, has taken up figure skating as a way= to beat the heat (or to meet girls, I'm not entirely sure), and I have to sa= y, spending an hour or so in the cool of an ice arena is a great way to get = out of the sun.

With that in mind, in this week= 's What's Hot I am discussing three great ways you can beat the heat and tak= e a business deduction at the same time.

But you have to have a business= in order to take advantage of these great, tax-saving deductions. If not, you could be asking for trouble. That's because these are deductions that have been abused in the past, and so they are looked at closely by the IRS. In fact, these deductions may even be like waving a red flag in front of the IRS. Did you know that unincorporated businesses have a considerably high= er audit risk than proper business structures?

I look at it as just one more reason why home-based businesses are perhaps the most important thing you= can do for yourself and your family. Not only do you create liability protect= ion for yourself and a shield for your personal assets, you also step fully i= nto the business world, with all of the benefits - including being able to ta= ke more deductions than you could otherwise.

Here are our three hot topics a= bout cooling down:

·        =              How are you staying cool this summer? Go to http://www.TaxLoopholes.com to find out about an exciting loophole for installi= ng air conditioning in your home.

·        =              Beat the Heat with your car! Are you taking all of the vehicle-related expenses you're entitled t= o? Learn more at <= span style=3D'mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt'>http://www.TaxLoopholes.com.

·        =              Get out of town and tak= e a business deduction, too! We'll show you how to combine business with plea= sure at http://www.TaxLoopholes.com.

At TaxLoop= holes, we research tax strategies that are legal, moral, ethical and effective! Visit our site to learn more about how to apply the latest in tax-saving strategies to your business!


Diane Kennedy

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