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I just finished reading about t= he IRS crackdown on another abusive tax scam. These are the types of ideas t= hat cost the people who use them big-time penalties and even jail time. They = are not legal. They are not ethical. These are NOT the tax loopholes that we teach at DKA and TaxLoopholes.

For one thing, these complicated illegal strategies just plain don’t make sense. On the other hand, = TaxLoophole strategies always make sense. A tax loo= phole is a government incentive to promote public policy. These are the things = the government wants you to do!

Now that our son David is here, we’re looking for ways to bring him into our business. It will teach him valuable business skills plus provide for business continuation AND we’ll get tax benefits for doing so. If you have kids, consider employing them the right way. That’s one of our three strategies in this week’s email.

This week, in the What’s = Hot Section of TaxLoopholes.com, we discuss how to split your income and save taxes at the same time:

·        =              Use a C Corporation to reduce your taxes! C Corporations are taxed at a different rate than S Corporations and other flow-through entities. Learn more at http://www.TaxLoopholes.com.

·        =              What is a “reason= able wage,” when it comes to paying your kids, and what can they do in y= our business? Find out at http://www.TaxLoopholes.com.

·        =              You can pay more than j= ust your kids! Other dependents are eligible for the same great tax breaks. We’ll tell you more at http://www.Ta= xLoopholes.com.

At TaxLoop= holes, we research tax strategies that are legal, moral, ethical and, effective! We’re always looking for new ways to get our knowledge out into the public. One way we do this is through Discussions with Diane, a weekly Internet video session where I discuss a topic and answer viewers’ questions. Find out more about Discussions with Diane at http://www.TaxLoopholes.com

This week's Discussions with Di= ane answers your questions about Home and Real Estate Loopholes. Go to = http://www.dkacpa.com/DWD = to learn how you can maximize these loopholes to ma= ke more money and pay less tax.


Diane Kennedy

P.S. Are you paying too much ta= x? We’re dedicated at DKA (my CPA firm) and TaxLo= opholes to helping you legally, ethically and morally pay the least amount of tax. Learn the latest in What’s Hot in tax planning, innovative strategi= es plus have some fun at http://www.dkacpa.com/DWD/= .

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