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You know my feelings on real estate: I think it's the best way you can quickly and effectively grow your wealth. If you are a small business own= er, investing your profits into real estate can help you to create passive in= come streams and provide you with an entirely new and powerful set of tax loopholes and deductions. Some of the most significant and largest tax deduction opportunities are available to real estate investors - particul= arly those who qualify as Real Estate Professionals.

But there are several different categories of real estate investors, and understanding the differences between them can be really important. Not b= eing clear on that can cost you, as one of the subjects in this week's What's = Hot found out. By not understanding their real estate investor status, a coup= le found out that they hadn't been doing the things they needed to, to quali= fy for their category. They lost all of the tax advantages they had been try= ing to obtain through their investments.

On that note, here's what's going on in this week's What's Hot: Go to http://www.TaxLoopholes.com to read more.

·        =              Do you know what it tak= es to be a Real Estate Professional? Read more about what real "real es= tate activities" actually are.

·        =              Not understanding your = real estate investor status can cost you! Learn what happened to the would-be = Real Estate Dealers.

·        =              10 reasons to love small businesses! The SBA put this fact-filled and fun list together, and I wan= ted to share it with you.

At TaxLoopholes, we research tax strategies that are legal, moral, ethical and effective! Visit our site to learn more about how to apply the latest in tax-saving strategies to your business!


Diane Kennedy

P.S. Want more strategies to pay less tax? Check out the revised Loopholes of the Rich.



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